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Amazon has done amazing things with Alexa but it’s only a small step towards the grander vision of the personal digital assistant. With recent announcements from companies like eBay and H&M regarding their transformation to artificial intelligence based shopping it’s time for other retailers to pay attention and implement their own dreams for AI in their online shopping portals. These companies are already playing catch up after years of losing customers via voice assistants from Amazon and Google. Other retailers cannot afford to wait any longer as well. The time is now to implement AI and voice into your websites.

speak2web wants to help you implement AI and voice using the most advanced technologies that can integrate into your environment. We’ll work with you beyond the technology to create and implement a fully functional personal shopping assistant that is conversational with your customers. Chat bots like Alexa are command prompt based and don’t help users to refine without having to make extra clicks and rephrase their search. Simon AI will simply know what to ask your customers and help them discover what they intend to buy faster. It can even make intelligent recommendation to users to help fill up the cart with more items they’d be interested in.

An example I love to use when I speak to people about Simon is the business traveler who needs to acquire a wardrobe for a trip. They will visit their retailer of choice featuring Simon AI and rather than spending hours searching and refining for each item they need they’ll simply queue up their search in Simon by stating something like “Hi Simon I’m going on a weeklong trip. I need two new suits, beachwear, and something formal for the party at the convention.” Simon will acknowledge what the customer requested and begin to ask for, or suggest, refinements to the user such as sizes, brands, colors, etc… It may even suggest other items like ties, watches, jewelry, phone cases, luggage, or even gift cards to businesses in the area if the retailer sells them. This person was able to get everything they needed, along with items they didn’t mention, in less than 1/3 to 1/4 the time they would have spent typing searches and clicking filters. They also spent $400 more than they would have on your site because Simon gave them the other options for products they didn’t mention but were related.

This is personalized shopping. This is a true virtual assistant. This can become your route to providing every customer their own digital style assistant.

Our goal is to help you make your online shopping portal so intelligent that you never have to worry about abandonment. That you always trust your customers are getting the most PRIME experience (excuse the pun on Alexa) available on the web. You’ll be recognized for the revenue growth seen by your organization as Simon helps more and more users get to and through the cart faster.

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