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voice enabled forms & Surveys

a how to
& why guide

Voice as a user interface helps to optimize user experience and accessibility services on your site. With voice enabled forms & surveys you can enable new creative experiences on your website. Here we’re aiming to show you a few examples of what you could do.

it started with search

why forms?

Our first solutions created quick and easy voice search and voice assistants for websites. As we scoured over our own, and our customers, websites we realized that the need for voice enabled forms and surveys was clear. By adding our microphone tech to the form box we were able to help our clients improve usability and accessibility. It also created a wave of new ideas on how they could use voice on the WEB for creative and functional purposes.

employment applications

voice for hire

Many employment screening or skills assessment forms offer fill in the blank or multiple choice answers. With voice you can describe a situation or ask for a solution and the job seeker must articulate in their own words what they would do. This gives you clearer insight into the mind of your prospects.

customer service

dealing with a complaint call

You receive call from a customer who is upset and complaining that their shipment has not arrived despite tracking showing it was delivered.

technical support

helping people solve problems with tech

You receive call from a user who is no longer able to perform a function of an application following an update patch being installed.

executive staffing

an opportunity and a potential problem

You are offered an opportunity to act on competitive intelligence that came from nefarious means. This could generate profit but at the cost of compliance.


get intel fast

Digital surveys often offer multiple choice answers because filling forms is not anyone’s favorite task. Voice enabled surveys allows people to articulate their answers in open text form fields. Transcripts can be sent to analytics for sentiment analysis.

political survey

picking your primary / caucus candidate

Who are you most likely to choose in your upcoming state primary?

checking in

self service apps

Long lines, busy employees, or other reasons could lead to a need for self-service style check-ins. In this scenario we look at what a tablet displaying a check-in form in a hospital lobby could do to help speed up time to treatment.


a clinic waiting room

What is your name?

Any forms related use case

voice forms

However your company uses forms on your website – there is a use case for voice forms and surveys on it. Even if the case isn’t specific to a function like the examples listed above – simply enabling voice forms helps you to become more accessible and user friendly to your site visitors. 

voice enabled & Customized

display & integration

speak2web’s voice services can be integrated into your existing applications and analytics platforms. Those job applicant surveys sync directly to your HR systems. They surveys feed directly to your analytics systems with more in-depth sentiments directly from peoples own mouths. Those check-in pages are able to intelligently look up patients and appointments on the fly and only present information that necessary towards helping them get on to their destination. 

Our voice solutions are also simple API calls to our services. This means you remain 100% in control of the branding, look, and feel of the pages you put voice forms and surveys on. The code is ultra-lightweight and won’t slow down your website. If you’re using WordPress this service can be installed easily with our Voice Forms and Surveys Plugin.

about speak2web

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