We typically handle 99% of the install

No in-house expertise needed

Our white glove solution delivery team will help your organization to deploy a voice assistant to your website, app, or device – rapidly.

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Simon API

True Conversational

Artificial Intelligence

Simon AI for the web, apps, and retail

device cloud

Conversational AI is significantly different than you’ve experienced with the smart assistants on your phones, speakers, and other devices. We’ve built Simon to understand what people are saying and engage in conversations with them. The 24/7 virtual agents you can create will have limitless potential for helping you grow your business and keep customers happy.

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voice assistant for WordPress plugin

Getting Started

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Plugins for WordPress websites

AI to Life

WordPress powers over 30% of all internet sites. With our plugins voice assistant, site search, and other capabilities can be added in less than ten minutes. This solution is so cost effective that even low traffic sites can afford to add it to their budget and see the return on investment. Every new user gets a 30 day free trial. 

smart speaker apps

We can build it

We do everything voice

Custom builds and smart speakers


Would you like to add smart speakers to your facility that are secure and connected to relevant systems?

Do you have an idea for a voice solution and are looking for a partner in building out revolutionary technologies. We are here to help by providing our expertise and industry resources to your project. 

Fast lane
smart speaker with custom voice assistant

We can build it

We do everything voice

Skills for off the shelf smart speakers

voice assistant integrated with the full system stack

We understand the intricacies of developing voice activated calls via today’s hottest smart speaker solutions. Our team of experts can help you build out a strategy, deploy the voice skills, and educate you on how to market and use them properly to drive successful customer engagements.

our technology

Simon AI &
IBM's Watson

The powerful IBM Watson Assistant  combined with our  proprietary Simon AI delivers an unrivaled multi-lingual voice assistant platform for your website or app. We’ll deliver a solution that helps people get to results faster. Our voice assistant can perform many agent functions like sales, support, help desk, concierge, and more.

Our voice assistant also helps your organization to learn more about what your customers and users really want. The analytics help you to see more clearly what people want to know. These logs can be sent to any system like web analytics, CRM, marketing automation, or BI. 

Our platform is purpose built to be integrated into your system stack and can even access unstructured data. This means that almost no questions or requests will go unanswered by the assistant.

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