Watson Assistant

speak2web can help you to rapidly add voice to your website using IBM's industry leading Watson Assistant solution.

We have a close relationship with IBM's Watson Assistant, AI, and Data Science team.

Our team of architects, engineers, and consultants will help you to create a virtual assistant that optimizes costs and revenue performance across your organization and channels. We’re especially skilled at the voice user interface which delivers our clients a massive competitive advantage in eCommerce and Support Operations.

Virtual Assistants

Use Voice and Text interfaces to let customers ask their own questions. The Simon & Watson platform will answer these questions or connect your reps.

WordPress Plugins

Deliver Voice, Cognitive Search, and Watson Assistant services in as few as ten minutes. Our team can link your existing Watson Assistant on the backend.

Customization Services

Our architects, engineers, and consultants can help you with technical work including integrations, custom dialog flows, and other enhancements.

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Deliver these exceptional capabilities on your website with speak2web and IBM Watson Assistant

Cognitive Search

For sites with many pages and or a knowledge base. Let people say what they're looking for and AI will detect what they intended to find then deliver perfect search results.

Voice Assistants

Go beyond the chatbot and virtual assistant with a voice assistant. People already love using voice as an interface on their phones and other devices. Bring it to the web.

speech to text

Enable people to fill open text fields on your website with voice. Use this technology to create more dynamic forms, surveys, quizzes, and more.

voice shopping

Deliver advanced personal shopping assistants on your retail website. Help visitors to make discoveries and get answers to questions.

Our team is excited about what we can bring to customers of IBM Watson Assistant. We’d love the opportunity to discuss with you how we can help you get the most value and usability from the technology. As an IBM Registered Partner we are qualified to work with you.