Voice Shopping on WooCommerce helps increase sales & satisfaction

Our plugin delivers an end-to-end voice shopping experience, on your existing website, from search through checkout.

Our voice shopping experience delivers the ambience of shopping in store by combining conversations and visuals of your products

Over 50% of all search is already done via voice and people are spending billions of dollars shopping over smart speakers where they cannot even see what they’re buying.

We’re changing everything by delivering the first voice shopping experience that directly integrates with websites. This extends the experience beyond the search engine and emulates a retail environment with sales clerks helping customers.

Your branded experience

DO MORE WITH YOUR ASSISTANT Extensible framework allows for white label branding adding more features expansive dialog & conversations

Features & Benefits

code free installs

Because our assistant installs as a plugin to your website there is no need for coding knowledge.

end-to-end voice

Customers can do everything from find products through checkout and also get FAQ answers

Dialog & responses

Write what the voice assistant will say when responding to customer queries about important topics


Set the URL for where customers are navigated to when they ask specific questions

Analytics Settings

See exactly what customers want to know and are shopping for in their own words


Choose from multiple male and female voices to represent your store online.


You can add voice to other elements of your website like forms and search bars.


Customers can checkout with their voice.

Voice Shopping for WooCommerce is purpose-built to offer retailers a competitive advantage by offering voice shopping and gaining invaluable insights from innovative customer-generated analytics data.

Retailers can contact speak2web to extend the feature set of the plugin. Here are some examples of what you can add to your voice assistant & shopping experience:

Subscriptions for Voice Shopping

Optimize your customer experience with end-to-end voice shopping services on your WooCommerce web store.

30 day free trial available on these plans

Deliver voice shopping where customers can actually see what they're buying.

Pay Zero Down on the 1,000 or 3,000 user plans.

We’ll email you the plugin and installation guide.

Install and configure the plugin on your live or staging site.

Test the features & options.

Connect with our professional services team to learn how you can get the most from Voice Shopping for WooCommerce.

1,000 Monthly Users

Get started for $0 down, get one month free, then subscribe to a monthly or annual plan

3,000 Monthly Users

Get started for $0 down, get one month free, then subscribe to a monthly or annual plan

Pay Per Use & Prepaid

Get a license for $20, get one month free, then only pay fifteen cents per user on your website.

Plans for larger WooCommerce stores

Experience the full power of the Simon AI platform and see why major analysts have ranked our technology portfolio stronger than Google, Apple, and Amazon.

Simon AI was first built for a multi-billion dollar international eCommerce company. With our plugin you benefit from everything we’ve done for them, and over 300 clients since, without the massive upfront deployment costs.

Our professional services team will work with your technology, marketing, and operations teams to deliver feature & function perfect solutions that meet your customers most demanding standards and brand expectations.

There are practically no limitations to what voice could do for your company. Are solutions consultants look forward to discussing all the possibilities with you. 

Enterprise & Custom Services

Get a custom quote for users and professional services on your high traffic WooCommerce store.