Voice Shopping for WooCommerce

Voice Shopping for WooCommerce was purpose built to help shoppers discover products, control the checkout process, and get quick answers to questions about your store. 

Our voice user interface for WooCommerce enables stores to deploy a working voice assistant to their website in less than ten minutes. 

Our annual subscription program makes this innovative feature historically only available to the largest eCommerce site – accessible to all businesses. 


Natural language understanding allows users to discover products on your site. Historic voice shopping options required users to know exactly what they wanted. The customer intent data generated by the voice assistant also benefits from  the natural language interface allowing you to get a complete picture of what your customers really want and the language they use. An add-on is available that can further enhance both analytics and how the voice assistant speaks to customers.

Cart & Checkout Controls

Voice control for the WooCommerce store is the next natural inclusion for this service. We make it seamless for people to add to cart, view the cart, and checkout. An add-on is available for voice recognition to validate and authenticate users.


Voice Shopping can be an all-in-one out-of-the-box solution for small stores on the platform.

Mid to Enterprise level eCommerce using the plugin can enjoy a broad variety of add-ons that bring the assistant 100% in line with the company brand, transform the assistant to respond to emotion, integrate with marketing automation, and handle tier 1 help desk concerns with ease.

Our cloud deployment ensures millions of concurrent customers can enjoy the benefits of voice shopping.

Purchase an annual license:

Universal Voice Search

$ 100 Year
  • 130+ Languages
  • Universal Device and Browser Support
  • Natural Language Search
  • Fuzzy Matching
  • Optimize Time to Discovery
  • Delivers Important Accessibility Features
  • Free Limited Trial Available at
For WordPress
For WooCommerce

Voice Shopping for WooCommerce

$ 1650 Starting at per Year
  • English Included
  • 30+ Additional Languages Available
  • Universal Device and Browser Support
  • Full Cart and Store Control
  • Questions & Spoken Answers in Natural Language
  • Easy to Configure Spoken Responses to 36+ Built in Questions
  • Automatically Navigates Visitors to Defined Pages Based on Their Spoken Intent
  • Collects GDPR & CPP Compliant Visitor Intent Analytics
  • 30 Day Grace Period on Payment (AKA Trial) Here at
Start 30 Day Grace Period

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What do I need to know about voice

Our voice assistant includes a fair use clause and add-ons are available at varying rates.

Add-ons Available:

  • Additional configurable dialog
  • Integrate another voice assistant
  • Change assistants voice
  • Add languages
  • Integrate with apps
  • Lead Generator
  • Appointment Setter
  • Emotion AI
  • Handling of product variations
  • Marketing Automation integration

Fair Use:
The license free includes an average 500 users per month per calendar year.

In the event that your usage exceeds fair use, speak2web will contact you regarding rates for additional users. Monthly and annual rates are available starting at $50. Pay per use options upon request.

New customer aquisition increased by 16%.

New customer retention increased by 32%

76% of all support and service requests resolved on first contact with the AI.

Our voice assistant fills in a massive gap where people simply cannot. Historically companies have tried chatbots or live chat services and these have failed because they are not able to integrate as deep with the website and applications that serve it information. Our approach delivers on brand experiences that actually help people get to results faster. Our team consists of experts in conversion rate optimization that can partner with your team to get the most value from the assistant.

Because our plugins are flexible, we are able to ingest your existing skills for use on your website. 

Because the website functions differently and includes visual elements we’ll work with you to optimize some skills specifically to the site. 

Because our voice and AI share integrations and are embedded we’re able to get a deeper view into what actually matches the users search. 

You’ll gain full ownership of the analytics data. It can now also be tied to specific contacts in your customer database. 

Yes. Email us to get information on plans starting at $500 plus enhanced features like white labelling and other customization services.

Voice Search is 100% anonymized, collects no user data, and helps you fully maintain compliance with regulations.

Voice Shopping in its out of the box configuration also anonymizes data. It will send scrubbed transcripts of its conversations with visitors to your Google Analytics dashboard where no personally identifying information is shared. These transcripts can be utilized by analysts to gain a better understanding of what your customers are looking for.

Our professional services team can help you to integrate our services with API’s from many back end business systems. These integrations can include CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP, Support Tickets, and more. We are able to deliver detailed and granular information to your systems in these settings allowing you to manage privacy per your company policies. 

We do not store or retain any user information for any longer than is needed to help process requests between our services and your website. See our privacy policy for information on partner services.

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