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One of the applications of Simon AI I am most excited about is AR and VR. Having used multiple systems such as GearVR, Oculus, Vive, and PSVR I’ve had firsthand experience with the limitations that are experienced within apps and services in these platforms. I’d love to see how the creative minds that build these solutions, games, and more implement a tool like ours.

Gaming comes to mind first and foremost for me. I recall Skyrim adding voice features on Xbox 360 using the Kinect camera. This isn’t exactly VR and it required users to know how to pronounce words from the in-game language to activate commands, but it was fun and neat for a while.

I think back to my article on the old text based choose your own adventure game Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on my Tandy greenscreen computer. This also makes me think of games from the developer Tell Tale whom creates choose your own adventure games for popular titles across various media outlets.

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Jason Croyle
Director, Research and Partnerships

Honestly the game studio I would most love to see Simon AI implemented in is BioWare. Games I put hundreds of hours from the series’ Dragon Age and Mass Effect could see huge experience and engagement boosts through leveraging natural language artificial intelligence. These games currently offer a wheel with multiple choice answers when the players avatar is interacting with in game non-playable characters. Choices from this dialog wheel have lasting impacts through the entirety of the series. Simon AI would enable users to speak to the in-game NPC’s in their own words. Because of Simons massive knowledge base, it could translate the user’s words back to the future mapping trees in the game and could even enhance the dialog of the NPC in their responses. I drempt of this last night and in my dream the game developer was able to utilize Simon to determine if the player was not old enough to play the title per its ESRB rating. Rather than booting them from the game it created them as a child avatar living in the same world and hearing about the experiences of the heroes in the quests. The heroes would come through town and could be interacted with and be influenced by the younger gamers dialog interactions with them.

Augmented Reality is a whole other world. I recall seeing something about an AR solution for engineers and product designers. I also recall Iron Man and Tony Stark speaking to Jarvis to get specific items, etc… In an AR setting enabling intelligent voice AI could help so many designers, engineers, and quality assurance people to make better products.

I picture an architect using AR and asking for something to be added to or changed in his design. Simon realizes that the material he’s selecting is not a fit for any variety of reasons. It doesn’t meet green building requirements. It doesn’t have the durability required to support the load of the structure around it. It doesn’t match the aesthetic required by the customer or interior designer. Warnings come if there are missing elements like wiring, piping, etc… to meet codes. The architect could even simply ask questions like how many red bricks will it take to cover 1/2 this wall?

Evolution and adaptation are necessary

Websites without voice are boring. I wonder what video games with voice could do to evolve the tech?

Automotive designers, racecar crews, etc… could utilize AR and Simon AI to simulate data. They could state the weather forecast, what are the build specifics of the car and ask for simulations on how to best plan for things like pit stops or adjustments to body and drivetrain components to make them the most competitive. This could even be tested by the driver or their proxy in a simulation module to ensure the data is matching expectations or if they feel some of their human knowledge could enhance what the AI is telling them.

Quarterbacks could optimize testing the playbook even when they don’t have their team to practice with. This information could translate back to video game developers to make first person quarterback an option in Madden games.

Batters, Pitchers, and Field players in baseball could simulate games against opponents. Every statistic in this sport is recorded and could be programed into the AI to help players train for important games. Knowledge graphs have already been used in baseball to take Money Ball to the next level. This takes Money Ball and adds the element of being to visualize in a real-world view rather than just read about it. Adding voice and AI could allow coaches and players to make change ups and improve training. Again, this data could become an invaluable information asset to video game makers who in turn could return data to teams from their virtual simulations as well.

AI and voice can bring a full circle return on investment to sports users who provide fans with digital experiences and enhance revenue streams in all their channels

Really the applications are endless with VR and AR as voice will always be more powerful in these tools than any other input method. I’m really excited for the future of this technology and can’t wait to see what the developers of these applications plan on doing with it.

I hope to be there and see Simon AI in the best of breed applications. I trust if they saw what Simon can do versus black box AI and dummy chat bots they’d never look back at those tools when we can provide a suite of solutions, services, optimizations and expert systems.

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