Seamless Control, Effortless Navigation

Elevate User Experience with Voice Command and Navigation.

Enhanced Navigation

Seamlessly explore your website hands-free, enabling users to effortlessly move through pages and sections using intuitive voice commands.

Interactive Chat Dialogue

Engage users with dynamic and interactive chat-based conversations, allowing for personalized interactions and enhanced user engagement.

Enhanced Accessibility

Empower a diverse audience with accessible navigation, providing an inclusive and user-friendly experience for individuals of all abilities.


Unlock 30 Days of Complimentary Access. Subscribe with Confidence on a Month-to-Month Basis for Continued Innovation.

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Why Voice Command & Navigation

Revolutionizing User Interaction: Uniting Voice Bot Charm with Chatbot Versatility for an Unmatched Experience.

Our innovative offering seamlessly integrates the strengths of both voice bot and chatbot technologies to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Users can enjoy the engaging and interactive nature of a voice bot, experiencing human-like conversations through spoken language. Simultaneously, the versatility of a chatbot ensures a comprehensive and accessible interaction, accommodating users who prefer text-based communication.

This dual approach allows us to cater to a diverse audience, offering a hands-free, voice-driven experience for those who seek an immersive engagement, and a text-based interface for users who prefer written communication. By combining the best of both worlds, our solution achieves a harmonious balance, creating a dynamic and personalized interaction that resonates with users across various preferences and accessibility needs.

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Unlock 30 Days of Complimentary Access. Subscribe with Confidence on a Month-to-Month Basis for Continued Innovation.

30 Days Free

Maximize Your Value:
Start with 30 Days Free and Receive an Extra Two Months at No Cost with an Annual Subscription. Commit to excellence.

30 Days Free
WordPress or Woo

Our versatile plugin seamlessly integrates with various online platforms, catering to a spectrum of digital needs. Whether you run a blog, manage a website, or operate an e-commerce platform, our plugin is designed to enhance the user experience across diverse online environments. Enjoy the benefits of our cutting-edge technology, ensuring a unified and optimized voice-assisted experience for your audience, regardless of your online presence type. Elevate engagement, accessibility, and user satisfaction across blogs, websites, and e-commerce platforms effortlessly with our plugin.

Command, Search, and Forms

Tailored for WordPress, our Voice Command and Navigation plugin is purpose-built to deliver a comprehensive voice and speech experience. With features crafted for a myriad of use cases, it seamlessly integrates into any WordPress-based website. Enjoy a complete and intuitive voice-powered interface, enhancing accessibility, user engagement, and overall site functionality. Elevate your online presence with the versatility and efficiency of our plugin, ensuring a dynamic and user-friendly experience for your audience.

Customization is Available

For organizations seeking API integrations with CRM, existing chatbots, or custom development, our world-class engineering team stands ready to meet any and all development needs. Rely on our expertise to seamlessly integrate, enhance, or build bespoke solutions, ensuring a tailored approach that aligns precisely with your organizational requirements. Partner with us for robust, efficient, and scalable solutions that propel your digital capabilities to new heights. Click HERE to Contact Us for more information!

Recognized by industry analysts and endorsed by reputable media outlets, we take pride in our position as the foremost independent voice assistant provider. Rely on our expertise to elevate your user experience.


Empowering the Web: Making Voice Assistance Functional, User-Friendly, and Affordable for All!

These features collectively enhance the versatility, accessibility, and user-friendliness of your product, offering a comprehensive solution for a diverse user base.

Voice-Activated Navigation

Streamlines user interaction.

Enhances user experience by allowing intuitive and hands-free navigation, reducing friction in accessing information.

Navigate your website effortlessly with our Voice-Activated feature – giving your users a seamless, hands-free journey.

Multiple Languages Supported

Widens audience reach and inclusivity.

Accommodates a diverse user base by supporting multiple languages, ensuring a global and accessible platform.

Speak the language of your users worldwide! Our Multi-Language Support breaks barriers and opens up your website to a truly global audience.

Customizable Voice Commands

Tailors the experience to user preferences.

Allows you to define personalized voice commands, offering a more individualized and efficient interaction with the website.

Command your website your way! With Customizable Voice Commands, personalize your online experience for unmatched convenience.

Data Security & Privacy

Ensures user trust and compliance with regulations.

Mitigates privacy concerns by activating the microphone only when prompted, prioritizing user data security and compliance.

Your voice, your control! Our commitment to Data Security and Privacy means your users can interact with confidence and peace of mind.

Effortless Installation

Streamlines integration and saves time.

Installs seamlessly within minutes, sparing businesses the complexity of months-long development work, ensuring quick and hassle-free implementation.

Transform your website effortlessly! Our Voice Assistant for WordPress simplifies integration in minutes, sparing you from months of intricate development work.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Informs data-driven decision-making.

Provides valuable insights into user interactions, preferences, and behaviors, enabling businesses to refine strategies and optimize the user experience.

Beyond words – Insights that matter! Unlock the power of Advanced Analytics and refine your strategies based on user behaviors for an unparalleled website experience.

Widget Functionality

Customize the look and feel of your website voice assistant with Elementor Page Builder

Design Your Mic Icon

Choose from any icon in your media library and customize it's look to match your brand in an easy to use widget editor.

Place Anywhere

Place microphones anywhere on your website making it easy and logical for users to click and say what they want.

Set Tab Index Values

This is crucial for web accessibility and decides when screen reader users encounter the microphone.

ARIA Support

Provide additional semantics to improve the interpretation of dynamic content and interactions.


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