Voice & Chatbots in 2020

We love VOICE at speak2web

In honor of Valentines Day 2020 speak2web wants to profess its love for VOICE and WordPress. 

Through February 20th, you can save 20% off our voice enabled plugin subscriptions on speak2web.com 

WordPress Guru's & Analysts
Love Voice for Websites Too

Just a few days Thomas Griffin of OptinMonster, one of the most downloaded and used plugins on WordPress shared his top five trends that WordPress users should pay attention to in 2020. Coming in at numbers one and five were chatbots and websites people can talk to. See the full article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2020/02/10/five-top-wordpress-trends-to-follow-in-2020/#7b9871e3298a

The voice assistant plugin we offer can offer a chatbot like experience but ultimately delivers much more. Of course, it delivers an experience people can talk to as well. It allows you to craft messages back to people, that they’ll hear, when they ask your website specific questions. 

Analysts at Gartner, Forrester, Markets and Markets and journalists from all over the world have been advising businesses to adopt voice as a technology for their websites. There’s no shortage of love to go around for the technology. 

We’ll help you to discover why – especially as our next feature update is right around the corner. Our voice assistant will now feature a high quality voice like those you experience on your smart speakers. This service was previously a paid upgrade – but will be included at no additional charge once the next patch is released. 

Find your love for VOICE as well

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