Discover the features and enhancements our voice assistant upgrades can deliver to your speak2web Simon AI deployment.

Voice assistant upgrades deliver enhanced feature sets to our Simon AI and WordPress Voice Assistant solutions. These building blocks help our clients to start with a cost-effective deployment of the most important features and at a later date layer in enhancements. 


We create dialog focused around a topic, product, idea, or solution. It allows people to have communicate with your website like they would a real live person.

Sound Quality

By default we use the speech synthesis from the visitors browser or device. You can choose to bypass this and use a high-quality voice from our cloud.


Connect your system stack to enhance the capabilities of your voice assistant. Create end to end agents for shopping, support, lead gen, and more.

AI Layers

Do more for your business with additional layers that make the voice experience more immersive or generate more value and insights.

Professional Services

Our team of architect, engineers, and solution partners can help your organization to achieve your vision for branding, voice, and customer experience.

Conversations with Simon AI

Dialog is what makes our solution so powerful. The ability for people to ask questions and hear the AI communicate with them will set your business apart. This massive competitive advantage can go beyond the scripted answers you’d like given when certain keywords are spoken by users. The conversational AI powering our products allows you to deliver truly dynamic experiences that are immersive, fully on brand, and aware of the situation. No other voice service can offer this deep of an experience into putting your business on autopilot. 

Try it Yourself

We’ve created a simple conversation in our WordPress plugin on this site. Ask the voice assistant for a soccer ball and see how it guides you down a path towards what you intend to buy. Your experience could become much more immersive than this. For example:

Imagine a grandparent shopping online with the virtual agent wanting a gift for an eight year old boy. It responds back with popular choices suggesting video games, radio control cars, and other toys. Once a category has been selected it will further help this shopper refine. For example if they choose video games, the voice assistant will ask if they want Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony platforms. If they don’t know the voice assistant could offer them a gift card or if the shopper wants it to standby while they find out. 

Enhanced Voice & Sound Quality

Improve the user experience of the voice assistant with natural sounding voices from the cloud. With hundreds of voices, accents, languages, and even creative styles to choose from your customers will love the immersion and recommend your business.

Advanced Systems & Stack Integrations

Our API connections can receive and send data to applications across your organization. We have purpose built our Simon AI and WordPress Voice Assistant solutions to ensure maximum compliance with all data privacy and protection laws. This is standard across all industries including healthcare, financial services, and other regulated industries. 

With integrations your voice assistant deployment can deliver improved experiences for visitors to your websites, users of your apps, and the people to whom analytics matter most within your organization. 

Quick Examples of Integration Benefits

In ecommerce we can build personal shopping assistants that so closely mimic a human that some of your customers won’t even know the difference.

Your companies inside sales team doesn’t get a chance to speak to every visitor and discover how you can help – but Simon AI can. With integration to CRM and Marketing Automation the voice assistant will even have awareness of your past interactions with that visitor and make educated decisions based on their stage, status, and request what to offer them in conversation.

Going deeper into AI layers

This is where things actually start to get fun and a bit more interesting. The AI we utilize to power Simon and our other products can deliver a variety of services and solutions to your business. These can come included with the voice assistant or as external packages.

We’re careful not to let the AI go too far as we don’t want to turn your, or our, website into the all powerful being that takes over the world. But we do admire the computers and robots people talk to on popular science fictions films.

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