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Voice for eCommerce & Retail

Take the whirlwind vision blurring experience out of the CX equation with a virtual assistant capable of being the ideal sales associate. Allow people to expressively define what they want to buy. Use a voice assistant that sounds more natural and reflects the tone of the customer effectively. With the power of AI and integration to CRM your customers can also seamlessly transition between help for shopping and customer service while using the website voice assistant. 

The speak2web voice shopping is more conversational than placing re up orders over smart speakers.

Voice shopping has proven increased new customer aquisition and customer retention gains.

Customer support staff were able to focus on real problems rather than answering the same questions on repeat.

Our AI was built for shopping. Specifically for voice shopping. Our first project involved building a voice assistant for a store with 11 million products. Our voice assistant improved time to discovery, upsells, abandonment rates, and average value per transaction while also answering 99% of all frequently asked questions.

To make the most use of our services we highly recommend our vCommerce clients also utilize our sonic branding services. This allows us to deliver the perfect personality with the voice assistant that will representing your business online. Other white labelling is also available to ensure on brand experiences.

Our transformative voice recognition platform understands how users are speaking. The AI processing the speech is able to send a variety of intent, emotion, and sentiment meta data points about the interaction to analytics and CRM records.

Our crowning achievement is in our Voice Dialog features that enable more natural flowing conversations with users. It simplifies significant amounts of leg work in designing dialog by allowing it to be dynamically generated throughout the interaction. 

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What do I need to know about voice

The first thing we’d want to look at is your call, chat, and email volumes if you were evaluating our assistant or shopping services. Our assistant has a proven track record of answering up to 76% of all customer contact on the first interaction. The time your employees get back is easily measured. 

Most of our services come with analytics. This is customer generated data on their intent to buy and what they want to know. The value in this is immeasurable.

If you’re looking at the cost of arbitration or litigation for accessibility compliance we can help you with end to end coverage of the ADA. Savings you significantly.

In a Voice Shopping or Lead Generation scenario we’d expand that to measure the success of the virtual assistant on revenue growth, new customer conversion, retention, and other KPI’s.

We do not record voice data in MP3, WAV, or other formats – but we do capture transcriptions. These records can be delivered to analytics applications and when connected to CRM – directly to contact records. 

These transcripts will help you to understand your customers language, what they truly want, and much more.

Advanced speak2web solutions utilize a speech recognition algorithm that can also detect tone, intent, emotion, and sentiment. That information can be shared as meta-data for relevant analysts and campaign managers.

We can provide either a plugin for your website or provide your IT team with instructions. It’s really flexible, works across all modern browsers, and is easy.

Our applications are built to work in a consumer opt-in fashion. 

We do not keep any audio recording data.

Private information is handled with end-to-end security. 

Our microphone is not always listening. 

speak2web is committed to ethical use of voice. We actively participate in ethical, use-case, and technical groups at The Linux Foundation’s Open Voice Network standards committee.

Retailer brands are always looking for the perfect voice and tone to connect with their audience. 

Our research, developments, and partnerships ensure we can deliver on brand voice assistant experiences.

This can be a simple or complex process and we offer accomodating alternatives for SMB through Enterprise.

Because Simon AI is flexible, we are able to ingest your existing skills for use on your website. 

Because the website functions differently and includes visual elements we’ll work with you to optimize some skills specifically to the site. 

Because our voice and AI share integrations and are embedded we’re able to get a deeper view into what actually matches the users search. 

You’ll gain full ownership of the analytics data. It can now also be tied to specific contacts in your customer database. 

Transformative voice not only understands how people speak – but also adapts to them like in these examples: 

An excited shopper will get a more energetic assistant.

An angry shopper will get a calm assistant. 


Advanced Dialog allows for customers to ask for complex matches between products and answers about them.

One customer may say they want to build a computer. The assistant knows from your product data and reviews a variety of factors it will use to help the buyer make a decision. Leading with what is the customers use case. It will then help them to pick parts that work together well for their needs. 

Product information can come from your site or unstructured documents like product manuals. If your data has an answer – we can read it to customers exponentially faster than traditional search results. 

Our eCommerce customer base spans mom and pop to enterprise retail.

Our voice assistant never sleeps and can simultaneously handle millions of concurrent users.

We offer cloud and on-premise voice solutions.

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Voice can help your business to increase sales, reduce customer service costs, and gain a real world competitive advantage from both the service and analytics.

Our plugin seriously is installed and configured in less than ten minutes!

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Click the microphone on the right to open the Simon Voice Bot. You can ask questions about our business or fun stuff like going on a vacation and how you’d just like to buy a soccer ball. 

Give it a shot then contact us to learn how we can personalize a voice assistant for your website.

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