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Recently we sat down with some experts in the analytics space and drove a discussion around how AI could help their applications. Topics ranged from improving data look up through offering complete control of the dashboard experience via voice input. Ultimately everyone walked away excited at the prospect of what voice could do for them.

Voice enablement and artificial intelligence layered onto analytics poses a proposition of tremendous value to anyone running a website or application. Voice input, with Simon, allows users to input their thoughts directly into your portal. When we can capture these thoughts and improve our sites and apps to better serve the user base, or customer base, then we are on the right track towards user experience optimization. It’s no longer a guessing game.

Analytics is a key factor. We’re excited to be pursuing some partnerships in analytics that will bring advanced functionalities to companies of all types, shapes, and sizes. We want to help everyone to improve the web and we know voice enablement is the first step in an AI driven network that we plan on being around for when it’s moved beyond this (our cornerstone).

We hope to hear from you about your thoughts on AI, analytics, intelligence, and the future of the web…

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