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With a mission to democratize voice we have built voice recognition and virtual assistants that are sensible alternative for traditional points of customer contact. The website voice features we offer a la carte include voice control, voice search, voice for data entry, virtual intelligent assistants, and purpose built chatbots.

We are already living in the early vision for voice where it’s accessible by everyone with a smartphone. Over 50% of those people use voice assistants to search the web. With a voice feature on your website you are showcasing the modern innovative side of your business. In some cases voice can help you with accessibility compliance as well. 

If the goal of your business is to generate leads from your website, we would recommend looking into our voice assistant. It can answer frequently asked questions, qualify leads, and set appointments.

We offer voice search and voice data entry with support for over 120 languages.

eCommerce stores on WooCommerce can add a voice experience to their beautiful store front.

Your business can also leverage insights from what questions people are asking the voice features on your website.

Analytics can be delivered to your web dashboard, CRM contact records, or to a Business Intelligence tool. 

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What do I need to know about voice

The first thing we’d want to look at is your call, chat, and email volumes if you were evaluating our assistant or shopping services. Our assistant has a proven track record of answering up to 76% of all customer contact on the first interaction. The time your employees get back is easily measured. 

Most of our services come with analytics. This is customer generated data on their intent to buy and what they want to know. The value in this is immeasurable.

If you’re looking at the cost of arbitration or litigation for accessibility compliance we can help you with end to end coverage of the ADA. Savings you significantly.

In a Voice Shopping or Lead Generation scenario we’d expand that to measure the success of the virtual assistant on revenue growth, new customer conversion, retention, and other KPI’s.

We do not record voice data in MP3, WAV, or other formats – but we do capture transcriptions. These records can be delivered to analytics applications and when connected to CRM – directly to contact records. 

These transcripts will help you to understand your customers language, what they truly want, and much more.

We can provide either a plugin for your website or provide your IT team with instructions. It’s really flexible, works across all modern browsers, and is easy.

With our expertise in AI and business we’ve been able to bring the cost down to earth. If all you’re looking for is voice search on a website we can offer that for as low as $10 per month. Depending upon your needs and team members costs vary in scale for other services.

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Voice Shopping in ten minutes:

Voice can help your business to increase sales, reduce customer service costs, and gain a real world competitive advantage from both the service and analytics.

Our plugin seriously is installed and configured in less than ten minutes!

Did you try
the voice assistant?

Click the microphone on the right to open the Simon Voice Bot. You can ask questions about our business or fun stuff like going on a vacation and how you’d just like to buy a soccer ball. 

Give it a shot then contact us to learn how we can personalize a voice assistant for your website.

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