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Highway Carries Cars and Trucks into and out of Minneapolis

Enterprise Voice Solutions

Simon AI uses a REST API to connect with structured and unstructured data sources enabling enhanced functionality and performance.

New small business

Small to Medium Businesses

Leverage the same technology as our largest clients with tools that scale to your needs and are a far better fit than chatbots.

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vCommerce & Retail

Voice Shopping helps customers discover products they intend to buy faster, answers important questions, and can even help in store shoppers.

Designers in discussion

Web Design & Voice Development Partners

Help your clients bring voice to their websites with our easy to deploy solutions. We can even integrate existing Google Assistant and Alexa skills.

Where to plug in?

WordPress & WooCommerce

Our plugins enable you to deploy Voice for Search, Data Entry, Assistants, and Shopping in less than ten minutes on your website or store.

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Devices, Speakers, & Kiosks

Deliver voice solutions anywhere with custom purpose-built IoT equipment. We can even custom build new equipment from scratch.

Using app

Mobile Applications

People already love the voice assistant built into their devices. We can help you extend additional features with voice to users.

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On Premise Appliances

The ultimate in speed, reliability, and security is available with our on-premise voice appliances built on HPC class GPU’s with scalable storage.

Have another idea or questions?

Our team is quite visionary and can help you to understand if we can help.


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Voice Shopping in ten minutes:

Voice can help your business to increase sales, reduce customer service costs, and gain a real world competitive advantage from both the service and analytics.

Our plugin seriously is installed and configured in less than ten minutes!

Did you try
the voice assistant?

Click the microphone on the right to open the Simon Voice Bot. You can ask questions about our business or fun stuff like going on a vacation and how you’d just like to buy a soccer ball. 

Give it a shot then contact us to learn how we can personalize a voice assistant for your website.

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