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Learn more about your customers, visitors, and users when you can see what they're thinking and asking for from your portals

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Capturing visitor intentions and understanding how we can optimize experience to improve conversion rates or relationships has long been a topic of study. To achieve success in this realm smart marketers, webmasters, mathematicians, sociologists, and psychologists have implements arts and sciences to drive incremental growth or uncover things that simply just don’t work.

speak2web is purpose built to elevate optimization efforts to the next level. Using the most evolved artificial intelligence and analytics solutions we’re able to give you a clearer view into the intent of your visitors and users. Enabling voice empowers those same visitors to articulate what they’re seeking. Simon, our AI, is wise enough to understand multiple languages and is built on the worlds largest knowledge databases to ensure that anything your visitors say is clearly understood.

We want to help you not only implement a voice powered chat bot on your site…
We want to help you to implement a mechanism that delivers actionable intelligence and insight that helps you better map your commerce, marketing, sales, and support strategies to what you’re learning from the artificial intelligence powering Simon. What Simon says about your customers and their intentions could help you to not only make incremental improvements but grow revenue by leaps and bounds.

This raw power has never been available to websites and commerce portals before. Not even Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant can leverage the same capabilities as Simon. These chat bots may be able to conduct a direct search, tell you some jokes, roll some dice, or play music, but that’s not going to help them get deeper learning while also empowering users with more advanced discovery tools.

How a Knowledge Powered Discovery Engine Helps Shoppers

This is Walter. He’s the CEO of speak2web. This is Jason and his wife Lindsey. Jason is the Director of Partnerships at speak2web. Walter knows Jasons birthday is coming up next Thursday. Walter and Lindsey both want to get Jason a gift. Let’s compare their shopping journeys.

Walter is visiting your website powered by Simon to shop for Jason. Walter knows he can can rely on your site to suggest the best products within his budget and be through the shopping cart faster than anywhere else.

Walter told your site he’s looking to buy Jason a gift. The site congratulated him on being an awesome person. Walter felt good about this. The site asked for clarification and he stated he wanted to buy Jason some Magic products. It asked him if he meant the card game, magic tricks, or the cleaning product. Walter smiled knowing his product was working as intended.

Walter, of course, let Simon know that it was the card game. Simon asked Walter if he knew which format I played in. Walter of course did not so Simon said I’ll show you products from the latest set and ones on prerelease arriving over the next few weeks.
Walter bought Jason a booster box of the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica set. Walter was a bit sad that it was arriving a week after Jason’s birthday but knew he was getting him the newest and most sought-after product available.

Walter completed his shopping trip in under five minutes and Jason was able to use every card Walter got him that matched his decks and playstyle. He used the remaining cards to build Walter a deck and teach him now to play as a thank you for the gift.

Lindsey is a loyal customer of Amazon and knows she can open their app and say Magic the Gathering to get search results. They sell all the same products as your site.

After searching, Lindsey must sift through thousands of results or click dozens of filters to get to a result that she’s happy purchasing for Jason. It took Lindsey thirty minutes to get her search results down to 500 products because she’s not familiar with all the variations in products.

Lindsey settles on a gift box, a Commander deck, and a bundle pack. She loves Jason a lot so she buys him more of what she knows he loves and will use.

What Lindsey didn’t know is that the cards that came in the gift box and bundle pack are from older sets only playable in game formats Jason doesn’t compete in. He still loves them and praises her, but they collect dust in his collection. He does give her one of his other Commander decks and finally teaches her how to play. Sometime later he pulls out the other cards Lindsey got him and makes her a display featuring creatures she admires like unicorns and cats.

Lindsey did well but it took her much longer to shop and she got a product Jason was never able to use except to gift it back to her in the form of art.


How Voice Can Help You Learn From Your Website and Customers

Simon is purpose built to learn from your customers, provide you actionable intelligence on your users, and continuously be refined to always deliver better results day in and day out. speak2web is the only artificial intelligence provider capable of delivering an end to end platform including the voice chat bot, AI, deep learning, and actionable reporting. The example given in Walter’s story was possible because of the enhanced dialog features enabled by us and our users based on the analytics and reporting seen through the application and how that knowledge was applied.

Even the simplest products require refinements when shopping online. A soccer ball comes in multiple sizes and colors. We can help you get that customer to the red and white soccer ball faster than regular search and click filters and then through the cart faster. The search and match speed alone will be enough to reduce or eliminate abandonment rates. The personal touches will engage users and keep them coming back. The suggestions will keep your most desired and profitable products at the forefront. The knowledge gained will help your business to optimize everything related to your shopping portal.

Retailers, service organization, customer service organizations, lead generation sites, and many others have been looking at how they can implement something like Alexa on their websites. They’ve been able to implement some basic concepts and copycats but nothing this powerful has ever been available before now. speak2web is seeking partnerships with organization interested in optimizing the user experience for all users and visitors. We’re committed to delivering the fastest ROI on our services and deliverables.

If you’re interested in learning more about our solutions for AI, voice guided search, and personal shopping assistants please reach out to us at right now. If you’re already working on AI or voice you can still reach out to us as every project is treated uniquely and we can integrate with or optimize the performance of your existing investments.

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