Voice helps people with disabilities access the web and applications

Accessibility means more customers and users

Millions of people suffer from disabilities that prevent them from using the web. People suffer from physical or cognitive abilities that prevent them from getting the experiences web designers want them to have. Sometimes these are temporary limitations but for most of this group it is a lifelong challenge.

Voice recognition technologies enable these people to enjoy navigating your website. The content is more accessible for people whom it is easier to speak rather than type. 

The growth of the personal digital assistant on smart devices has brought the ability to find more on the web to these users but it doesn’t completely solve how they can use the web. Their devices have built in functionality to control some websites but these technologies don’t work well with many page designs out there today. They don’t really work  with apps as well.

speak2web will help you bring the web and apps to everyone

Simon AI from speak2web is built on a foundation of how people use language. It’s not an AI built on just dictionaries – but rather the literature of the world. This allows it to know how people speak across diverse cultures and populations. This knowledge ensures that no matter how people talk to Simon when making a request they’re going to get the results they’re seeking.

Simon also enables your website or app to talk back to users when they’re navigating. This narration allows you to inform people of critical information, next steps, how-to, hours, and whatever your imagination can dream up to say to the user. 

The talk back feature is not limited to one off responses. Simon AI is built for conversational dialog. When Simon needs more information from users to help them get to the next step he’ll ask them questions to drill down.

We feature support for dozens of languages.

Search & Discovery

If your website is large, contains vast resources or is eCommerce driven then Simon AI is the next evolution in accessibility services you need.

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Social & Connecting

Simon AI can become a bridge for people in your networking site or app and allow them to engage in conversations. It can also help people connect to your business.


eCommerce is at our roots. One of the first positive comments we received was from someone with a disability was able to shop online with no help for the first time - ever.

How to get speak2web

Direct Integration

Your website or app can benefit from a direct integration with Simon AI. This option is ideal for large eCommerce sites, support portals, and any site with real mega-menus and advanced search.

Contact us at sales@speak2web.com to learn more

Plugin for WordPress

If your website is built on WordPress we can have voice dialog and navigation functional on your site in less than one hour. The plugin comes with dozens of dialog you can customize and additional options can be created for you.