Ways companies fund voice and AI initiatives

Build, Buy, or Rent?

Hello! I’m Walter Angerer the CEO and Founder of speak2web. When I created this company I built it with the hope that I could make voice recognition powered digital assistants viable for any type of business and affordable for any size of business. The team I put together has helped me to bring that vision to life. 

Conversational voice recognition AI is no longer a thing of science fiction. I’ve been involved in the technology since the late 1990’s when I was the first to bring the tech to the power grid and smart grids that enable our utilities, cities, states, and nation to operate efficiently. I am now bringing it to the web because I believe it is the most natural and dynamic way for people to get the results they want – faster. 

I want to help you explore the various ways companies are adopting the technology and how we’re offering so you can make an educated decision about voice for your business.

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Building Voice & AI

This is definitely the most expensive model. This is how companies like IBM, Amazon, Google, and Apple built their respective digital assistants we’ve come to know, love, and be shocked as we watched them win game shows. These companies have invested billions of dollars into their voice and AI platforms. 

Your business may very well be building out a digital assistant that is all your own. You’re aware of the costs for developers, specialists, and business leaders to guide the project. You know it will take several months to years to get the project deployed into production or even operational enough for testing. For most businesses this isn’t they case and they take another build approach.

Those people and their organizations often starts with building blocks from IBM, Amazon, Google, or Oracle to bring together language processing, voice recognition, and text to speech synthesis for the voice part. They must then find reliable data sources that power the artificial intelligence. This is a guessing, testing, and optimizing game that can become very expensive. This requires the same investment in what is often dozens of full time resources plus the cost of the applications and cloud hosts. Businesses pursuing this route are often seeking something very purpose built and private. It’s the right choice for them but not for 99% of everyone else looking to get on board with voice.

Buying Solutions

When someone buys a voice and AI solution they’re getting a prepackaged solution that already has all of these applications already built in. There is still a lot of configuration that needs to be done by experts, specialists, and business leaders to get the product up and running in a production environment. 

Bought solutions will often include service agreements with the seller to maintain portions, or all, of the package for the business. These service agreements come negotiated into the agreed upon price in the purchase contract. Depending upon the level of support your business needs you may end up paying more for service and maintenance than you paying for the actual solution.

These solutions may be all from one vendor. They may be a hybrid of solutions from the big brands I’d mentioned in the build it section to the left. The end product however is supposed to be a voice and artificial intelligence personal digital assistant that performs a task or set of tasks you’ve paid for. 

For companies with large enough budgets, don’t have large IT staffs, or just plain can’t get access to the experts to build this is an ideal option. These types of solutions can sometimes run in the low five figures but could realistically reach into the seven or eight figures depending upon the use case. 


Businesses who choose to subscribe to voice recognition solutions for the web can range in all sizes. Your local plumber may have voice recognition on his website to help customers get questions answered and schedule appointments faster. A billion dollar company may rent voice for a variety of reasons like testing the waters or that the solution just simply works for them.

Subscribing can drive costs down low enough that it becomes affordable for any size business. Higher tiered subscriptions may even be more cost effective in the long run for businesses who were planning to buy an AI solution. It’s a matter of doing your due diligence with your vendor and knowing what you’re going to get.

Subscription models may offer packages that purpose built for different industries as well. Or options that allow you to pick and choose features that you’d like to explore for your custom implementation. These subscription options should hopefully all be offering you choices to customize the plan, rates, features, and dialog the AI bot has with your customers.

Subscribing is good for any size business who is budget conscious, in an exploratory mode, or can get exactly what they need from the package and would prefer the vendor manage most of the workload.

Solutions from speak2web

Hybrid - Buy & Rent

We offer a solution that is 100% custom to your use case, existing IT environment, and budget. We can rapidly integrate voice and AI into your website or apps and are typically market ready within 30-45 days. You own the rights to your custom AI dialog. The service agreement has us maintaining the cloud services. This service is purely custom quoted because every use case is too unique to make a generic offering. What we have seen is customers saving anywhere from 5x to 9x over other buy solutions and significantly more than any type of build solution. Our model is more of a hybrid approach between buy and rent – but it has allowed us to ensure that we can deliver the most advanced AI solution to companies who are visionary and forward thinking enough to want a powerful custom voice dialog solution for the web.

Subscription Services

We offer a subscription service to people and businesses who adopt our website plugins. As of March 2019 we have a plugin for WordPress which allows us to provide voice and AI to upwards of 1.125 million US based businesses. Our subscription and pay per use model allows some customers to have voice powered websites for less than $1 per month. High traffic sites who prefer the subscription model with pre-configured plugin can utilize a fraction of the budget they would with our hybrid buy solution. The plugin contains a broad set of the most commonly used voice queries people make as “keywords.” Business owners and site admins get to customize the dialog our AI speaks to the website visitor when they navigate the site. It’s really easy to install, set up, and use. We have some videos up showing how simple it really is. 

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