Support organizations using voice and AI to save time and money

With the tremendous advancements of voice and AI, support teams can now offer a tool that reliably helps customers get to results faster without human intervention. Natural language processing with intent based AI discovery allows people to use their own words to describe their problem. Linking your support repository to the AI allows it to perform a full intent and sentiment analysis of the request against the available data. Users are then presented with the best matched results in a matter of seconds. The AI can ask for clarification it needs or the user wants after seeing the results. This type of conversational dialog helps people self-service all low-level support requests. The AI can be programmed to know when certain requests require immediate human attention and direct the user or customer to take the appropriate next steps for resolution.

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Why Simon AI?

The AI can understand your most complex products, codes, and naming schema. Our first customer was a multi-billion dollar eCommerce company that only sells every single variety of electronics component available. Our solution handles all their eCommerce search, product documentation lookup, and support requests. We even baked in an experience similar to the digital assistants people already know and love from their smart devices. 

Conversational processing allows people to have interactive conversations with websites and apps. This is highly advantageous to any other form of search – including voice search. Simon AI is built on a foundation which fulfills the vision of the true digital assistant. These science fiction dreams and promises of tech leaders of the past have come to life with the speak2web platform. 

Our vision for AI began in the late 1990’s when our Founder helped build a voice and AI solution for United States power grid. He eventually saw this single purpose tool become the solution that powers every moving part of cities and states worldwide known as the SmartGrid. 

speak2web will establish itself as your partner in voice. We define a successful implementation as one that not only performs to the desired and expected results but also have a clear path to ROI. In comparing scenarios where you could build a solution from scratch, or buy something from a massive brand, we’ll always be able to prove an end to end cost effective model. To help you get there we offer our service through custom direct integrations via API or through plugins for popular web publishing sites like WordPress.

If your website is published on WordPress we can get started fast. Our plugin delivers the most frequently used voice queries and can be ready to go in one to two hours. Custom dialog options will be built out for your support related requests and activated through the API the plugin calls to our cloud language processing host. Direct integrations aren’t as simple as uploading a zip to your website host – but can typically see deployment to production in 30 days or less. These services are available on a contract or subscription model. 

According to a recent cost analysis we can save you 5x over buying or building an AI and voice solution for your business. We’ll also get you up and running months faster than those alternatives. Our team delivers around the clock support to ensure reliability and your complete satisfaction. 

Your business may have other use cases where voice and AI would help save money or increase sales and revenue. We can help you evangelize the solution to your peers for organization wide buy in. We do trust we could prove the case and value of our solution for saving money on just support costs – but this type of solution could make you the hero of your company. Contact us at and we’ll get you the insight you need to determine if conversational AI is the next best step for your department and company.