Our plugin adds a virtual voice assistant to your websites search bar and delivers narrative dialog to visitors as they navigate your website. Your website will become powered by the same Simon AI used by billion dollar eCommerce companies. Your customers will love the familiar experience to the digital assistants they already use everywhere from their phones, to their cars, to their homes and more. You’ll love seeing improved conversion rates as people are finding what they’re actually looking for and getting to results faster on your website.

The fastest way to get started

The plugin is simple to configure and can be fully implemented in less than an hour. The user interface is designed so that even the most novice WordPress user can master it in minutes. The core of our solution is included in the plugin and feature updates are on our road map.

We’ve purpose built this plugin as an entry point for businesses of all types and sizes. The subscription based pricing starts low enough that there are no barriers to entry. These low price tiers even come with a 30 day free trial so people can acquaint themselves with the technology before truly committing to their budget.

Enterprise clients, and high traffic sites, will realize a rapid time to ROI. Voice Recognition & Dialog will instantaneously switch on upon installation and configuration. You’ll be able to serve millions of site visitors with the core functionalities then build out custom conversational dialog’s for your website or store. You’ll be able to help people navigate your site effortlessly while helping them get to what they intend to find or buy faster. Our AI technology is superior to voice recognition and search because it is built on a discovery and intent matching engine. Even the most complex requests can be delivered with lightning speed accuracy.

WordPress Developers and Designers are welcome to join our Focus Panel group. Members get free access, recognition for contributions and optimizations to the plugin, subscription savings for your customers, and partner marketing support.

start with 30 days free

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience voice. With the 30 day free trial you’ll have ample opportunity to install, implement, and test voice on your WordPress website. We trust you’ll love the results and the price. 

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Starter Tier Trial Subscription

30 days free access

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Features & Benefits

Voice Dialog & Navigation for WordPress is purpose built to deliver an exceptional voice recognition experience that’s familiar to visitors and easy to set up for website owners. You can handcraft a narrative experience across your websites pages that allows you to tell the story of your business in a way that text alone never could. Our solution will enable you to help your customers get to the information most important to them faster. You’ll convert more visitors into leads and paying customers and maintain a competitive advantage over anyone who doesn’t adopt voice on their site.

Easy Search Integration

Our plugin automatically ties into your websites search bar making it easy to find and eliminating the need to redesign your websites pages to use it.

Voice Processing Power

We guarantee our plugin will hear and understand your users. It utilizes an AI built on language and literature and has been tested in multiple user environments.

Crafting Your Dialog

Create narratives that your website reads out when people navigate your site. Tell your story and get important information out faster on dozens of keywords.

Advanced Dialog Add Ons

Utilize the full power of our AI to create back-and-forth conversations with your website users to help them drill down to results faster than menus and filters.

Voice Selection

We currently offer you to choose between a male or female narrator on your website. Our road map includes adding more voices to enhance the immersive experience.

Navigation Control

You control where our plugin navigates your site visitors to. We also make sure your site stays open if you choose to navigate them to an external link.

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For wordpress developers and designers

Focus Panel

You’re in the business of helping people create stunning, useful, and functional websites for their business. We believe voice is the next major evolution in user experience and the #TimeForVoice is now. The focus panel group is geared towards helping you discover how voice dialog through our plugin can optimize user experience and immersion on your client websites. For us it helps us achieve our goal of providing the most exhaustive set of prepackaged voice dialog’s in our plugin. Together we’re both ensuring that your clients get the high quality service we’re both known and recognized for.

Joining our focus panel group provides you six months free access to our plugin for one website. Each additional website you install Voice Dialog and Navigation to gets 60 days free access and a discount on our subscription rates. 

Any contributions from developers and designers to our plugin will earn credit and recognition. 

We will fully support you with marketing materials.

Information and registration is available from: Jason Croyle, Director of Research & Partnerships