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Voice Platform Partnerships

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We offer programs for:

  • Voice Designers & Developers
  • Web Designers & Developers
  • System Integrators
  • Resellers
  • And more.

Leverage the most applauded independent voice recogntion and AI platform.

Increase your value to clients by helping them add voice to their website or applications.

Never have to duplicate your work - we can import existing skills and actions built for a variety of assistants.

Partnership programs help your business add a recurring revenue stream and other options for enterprise opportunities. 

Your clients need voice for the web. 90% of all digital customer interaction still happens on the website. Our offerings are built to be as plug and play as possible – and help you to begin testing in many cases on day one. 

Regardless of what the clients use case is – we have an offering that can help them achieve desired results. We’ve outlined many of these use cases across our site. We’re more than happy to help you adapt our technology to meet more specific needs.

speak2web is a platform for voice on the web.

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What do I need to know about voice

We can provide either a plugin for your website or provide their IT team with instructions. It’s really flexible, works across all modern browsers, and is easy.

Some services require professional services.

When you commit to partnership with speak2web you’ll be given access to wholesale rates for our products and services. You’ll be able to configure your quotes around those figures.

Because Simon AI is flexible, we are able to ingest your existing skills for use on your website. 

Because the website functions differently and includes visual elements we’ll work with you to optimize some skills specifically to the site. 

Because our voice and AI share integrations and are embedded we’re able to get a deeper view into what actually matches the users search. 

You’ll gain full ownership of the analytics data. It can now also be tied to specific contacts in your customer database. 

Please send an email to with some basic details about your business and what you’d like to learn about voice. Your request will be routed to our market partnerships leader.

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Voice Shopping in ten minutes:

Voice can help your business to increase sales, reduce customer service costs, and gain a real world competitive advantage from both the service and analytics.

Our plugin seriously is installed and configured in less than ten minutes!

Did you try
the voice assistant?

Click the microphone on the right to open the Simon Voice Bot. You can ask questions about our business or fun stuff like going on a vacation and how you’d just like to buy a soccer ball. 

Give it a shot then contact us to learn how we can personalize a voice assistant for your website.

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