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bring excitement back to the web with voice tech

In addition to our solutions and plugins for WordPress, you can leverage programs that drive additional performance and bottom-line for both you and your clients. 

Increase client performance with voice tech for the WEB

Bring a variety of affordable and effective tools to your clients that are fully supported by speak2web. 

voice search

Not only do we add Cognitive Search to your clients websites – but also a voice user interface that makes it easier to access and use.

Voice Assistant

Clients can create 24/7 virtual agents for sales, service, support, and other use cases that scale to millions of concurrent users.

System integration

Our Voice Tech services can integrate with your clients system stack – even unstructured data – for increased performance.

Other voice Tech

Site and App Controls
Custom Smart Speakers
and more…

How we help you

tech support & system integration

Certified Engineers and Architects will collaborate with you and your clients on installation, maintenance, and support.

discounted pricing on solutions

Improve your bottom line and deliver your clients greater value.

comarketing programs

We'll collaborate with your marketing team and clients to deliver use cases, white papers, and other reports that grow revenue.

affiliate programs for creators

Earn extra income from your existing content related to voice tech.

Our Partners

IBM Data Science & AI with Watson Assistant

We can extend the functionality of your Watson Assistant installation with additional features not included in the out of the box experience. 

ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 Compliance

Automate Accessibility Compliance with a suite of AI solutions brought together in one streamlined package.

WordPress Design & Development

Brilliant website design with fast, responsive, easy to use, and search optimized pages.