Discover what the analysts are saying about chatbots, virtual assistants, and voice tech.

Who's using virtual assistants and chatbots?

Gartner, Forrester, Business Insider, and many others who report on trends and technology are indicating that 80% of enterprise businesses will be using the technology by 2020. Small businesses are at 29% adoption of the technology. Google Trends shows a steady climb in interest for chatbots and virtual assistants. 

It’s clear that the time to adopt the technology is now. speak2web makes it easy for businesses of any size to do it.

Qualtrics surveyed over 6,000 people and discovered:

People are open to using virtual assistants for


Happy customers

Poor customer experience will harm the reputation and revenue of 30% of businesses in the USA. 

Conversational agents can help by delivering customers and users instant access to the information they need 24/7 at any scale. A virtual agent can answer all of the questions you most commonly receive from customers and help them shop with faster time to cart and improved upsell recommendations. 

Your organization can also benefit from eliminating wasted spending on hiring and training agents – who will be much happier to be focused on higher priority tasks.

Over 1/2 of search is done by AI & voice

The combination of voice and cognitive artificial intelligence help your customers get to the results that matter to them the most – faster.


$ 50
per month

Add cognitive voice search to your website in as few as two minutes.

powerful and affordable voice

Our entry level product still delivers a competitive advantage other sites will envy.



$ 50
starting at per month

Add a conversational virtual assistant with voice and dialog in ten minutes.

dialog and conversations

Our assistant is easy to configure and lets you definite how it responds to user requests.

Navigation & control

Automatically direct the users web browser to specific content based on the intent of their question.

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