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Simon AI brings features going above and beyond black box AI and chat bot solutions. speak2web integrates only best of breed artificial intelligence solutions with natural language voice recognition alongside human expertise to ensure objective trustworthiness. Integration of Simon into your environment and other information repositories is a straight forward and seamless process. Being that Simon doesn’t exist in vacuum our collaborative efforts will ensure that the algorithms and intelligence are providing the impact that you’re looking for.

Black box AI solutions are reaching the market at a rapid pace. Some of these are very good at what they do for their specialized use cases. Some are very nefarious and bring about ethical issues about how organizations are using information to make decisions. Simon AI is designed to provide better information and effectively analyze information in compliance with international regulations. Simon can better understand intent than other algorithms because it draws from more reference resources and understands more languages than any other AI.

The AI powering our solution and voice assistant can be easily integrated into all your applications and systems. Other decision-making systems will benefit from have the information warehouse powering Simon. The most important element is that Simon is developed to maintain a blind eye and not base information on generalizations. The AI will not utilize any biases ensuring that mistakes are prevented. If fine tuning is needed to better match your needs and or to provide inferences based on your organizations needs for specific biases that can be developed swiftly. The important point here is that Simon comes with the knowledge of the world, speaks nearly every language, has a very open mind, and can give you honest answers. Simon can also respond why it gave a specific answer which can help with any fine-tuning needs.

The applications and possibilities for Simon are endless. We are interested in helping companies implement artificial intelligence that is ethical and delivers value, return on investment, better decision making, and increased profitability. Empowering people to use their voice to find exactly what they’re looking for while maintaining your organizations compliance with regulations is a powerful proposition.

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We work with diverse industries to bring voice and artificial intelligence to life in their websites, applications, and portals. We believe this is the next evolution of the web and want to help you get there faster