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The most innovative customer point of contact solution, Period.

In a world where people expect to be able to make decisions faster we make it as simple as letting them say what they want. 

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Empowering customer intent data, customer experience management, & more


There is no data more powerful than that of customer intent. Our brand of disruptive voice technology works on the WEB, in apps, on intranets, and on devices while feeding your BI & CRM applications with additional meta data. Analysts, sales reps, marketers, and executives will gain deeper insights into not only the intent found in the customer ask – but also insights into sentiment, tone, and other factors found in how the user spoke. 

Why Choose us

What we do ?

Creating the most innovative point of customer contact experiences is our life’s work. Our CEO, Walter Angerer, is a pioneer in AI who’s inventions span voice, IoT, energy, data storage, and successfully leading start ups from venture capital to success. Our professional services leaders bring a breadth of experiencing optimizing KPI’s for customer point of contact roles. Our combined deep understanding of customer behavior, business technology acumen, and innovative spirit have positioned our company, in analyst views, as the prime contender to the big five tech companies in the space of Voice Recognition and Virtual Assistants.

Data Driven

Embed voice to your web technology stack. Get intent and emotive insights send directly to CRM and BI.

Scale to you

From simple plugin widgets that add basic voice features through full AI implementations that replicate your best agents in sales, service, support, concierge and other customer points of contact.


Scour through every word your users say. Get a more complex picture than just intent and demographics with sentiment data.

Data Security

Our cloud and on-premise solutions are secure and encrypted.

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Our vision

Voice to help business grow

Virtual assistants will become as ubiquitous as IVR and chatbots. While also delivering actionable intelligence and the ultimate competitive advantage.

We have pledged ourselves to disrupting the voice recognition space with innovative offerings that enable any business to use voice in any use case.

Voice Search

Quick and easy deployment can search web content and supports 120 languages.

Virtual Assistant

Immersive & Ambient user experience with dialog and navigation features.

Voice Data Entry

Collective unstructured conversations into a structured database.

Voice Shopping

An assistant that reduces abandonment, increases average value, and matches your customers personality.

Our Secret Sauce???

Embedded Voice with Next Generation AI

Embedded voice is different than the assistants on your phone and smart speaker. It is an AI and Interface deployed on your domain. It’s integrated with structured and unstructured data. We build a knowledge index and graph that enables the assistant to answer even complex questions directly from your branded materials.

Our assistant is purpose-built in collaboration with your team to ensure a dynamic and immersive voice solution is deployed to your website, IVR, apps, and devices. 

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Proven Use Cases

Customer interaction can be overwhelming. We address your needs by building a solution to handle your total contact volume and trusted methodologies that produce results in sales, commerce, lead generation, customer service, support, concierge and other agent roles.


Awards, Analysts, and News

Since earning this award on our version 1.0 tech demo, we’ve gone on to earn the trust and recognition of analysts and leading publications. 

Just as the web went mobile it now goes to voice.


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