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It seems like it was both yesterday and a distant memory when we were all tied to cords and desks to complete any computing activities. I recall not even having a mouse on my first personal computer. It was a Tandy greenscreen with MS-DOS. I even had a very early version of what is now MS Office. I learned keyboard commands and to this day I still have a strong preference to not use a mouse when at all possible because it’s so much easier to use the computer without having to jump between interfaces.

There’s another story I want to tell about that old Tandy though. It is a text-based game I owned based on “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.” The game required me to write in sentences and commands to progress through the story line. The game responded with intelligent dialog as well. I remembered this intuitive feature as I grew older and was perplexed why newer games didn’t leverage intelligence like this. More modern games have begun implementing dialog options as well rounded as my beloved Hitchhikers game had – but they will certainly never hold the nostalgia it does.

Much like the babel fish, speak2web translates voice to data so everyone can get their intent across

In my childhood I had naiveties about computers. I tried to plug a microphone into the computer so I could control Hitchhikers with my voice. I also read the programming manual and tried to write a code that would enable the text on screen to speak out of the onboard buzzer. I was able to program it to make a few recognizable sounds but nothing coherent. My dreams were crushed. No not really as I loved every moment spent exploring the system to make the game behave as I wanted to interact with it.


hitchhiker thumb

Put your thumbs up for being able to now control your websites and applications with voice enabled artificial intelligence.

When I heard about speak2web all of these memories came back to me. I knew it was the perfect job at the perfect time. Voice enabled solutions have made major traction in the past decade. In 2011 we saw Watson win Jeopardy. Within that same time span we’ve also witnessed the rise of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and others like Cortana. The voice assistants are proprietary to their respective inventors and are nearly impossible for other companies to utilize within their own portals and applications. Because of this, I knew speak2web was something I was going to have a passion for and never feel like any effort was actually work – because I have always drempt of this technology bringing computing to life.


The major selling point for me in joining speak2web is the CEO. Walter helped with the early formation of voice activated solutions and artificial intelligence at both IBM and Siemens. Walter also has a strong vision for this company and an even stronger track record of success in past roles he’s held. I believe anyone looking at speak2web should definitely take this into account.

My personal goal is to help speak2web bring our voice enabled solution named Simon to as many markets as possible. eCommerce companies are salivating at voice as they want what Amazon has. Beyond shopping I know we can help people and companies in tremendous ways with various needs. Foremost is people with disabilities. Voice will empower them to access more of the web. Analytics, research, medical, legal, compliance, or anywhere there is a need for faster intent-based discovery are doors I want to open.

I really hope you see voice is the next major evolution in computing. We’d love to talk to you about anything related to voice enabled computing, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and related technologies.


speak2web is a lot more fun and interesting than speaking to the typical AI assistant. We’ve enabled advanced natural language processing and dialog options for all of our customers.

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