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Optimize Time Management With Voice & AI

Simon AI is a powerful and robust search tool capable of helping people across your organization accomplish their goals and tasks faster. Utilizing the world’s most powerful natural language processing engine and most expansive knowledge databases Simon easily understands the intent of your users and when he needs clarification is smart enough to ask the user for the information he needs. Helping people to get their jobs done faster will improve both patient care and the overall operations of your medical facility.

Providers will be able to access patient data, historical records, research, pharmaceutical references, and more at the click of one button. The most difficult answers can be the hardest to search for and enabling providers to speak what’s on their mind in their own words can help them to resolve patients’ symptoms faster. It may even help them make a breakthrough discovery and bring fame to your facility. Regardless of potential breakthroughs like this, your organization will realize a fast path to ROI as more patients will be able to be seen. Simon can even transcribe the office visit directly to the medical record eliminating the chance for errors or missing details when notes are later typed in and abbreviated to save time in getting to the next patient.

Simon AI is founded on the world’s largest knowledge repository and connects via API’s to bring together all the information your organization needs to make better and faster decisions

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Use Cases For All Functions

Administrators can rely on Simon AI to help them more readily access other information across the organization. Knowledge is power and Simon will deliver insights to those with the need to know as their questions arise. Operational efficiency and accurate answers are a necessity and when these are made available in one click or call it empowers your leaders to make the best decisions possible in the timeliest manner.

Other operational teams will of course have their own use cases as the need to access records, schedules, or other information is a role everyone in a healthcare organization has. Even if it’s just asking how many hours, they have been clocked in for this pay period. Yes, users can be even be empowered in ways that reduce the workload of your other staff members and save both people a tremendous amount of time getting answers to their internal questions. These are just some thoughts and any application you can imagine can most likely be implemented.

Improve Patient Access

Patients can even be provided some benefits from Simon AI. Automate scheduling, check. Check account balances, check. Make payments, check. Search online records, check. Anything your patient can do in your portal, applications, or phone system can be trained into Simon.

Our closing statement is one that should resonate all too well with workers in healthcare. That is serving the needs of those who need accessibility services. While voice enablement doesn’t help every single person with disabilities it does empower most of them to get the results they’re seeking faster as well. Simon is smart enough to understand some of the heaviest accents and speech impediments which will eliminate problems with errors and variations. Bringing easier access to healthcare for patients who struggle with these forms of disenfranchisement will improve both relationships and quality of care.

We’re excited to bring these functions to healthcare and have established a specialized Founders Program to help you pilot Simon AI in your environment. We hope you’re intrigued and would like to learn more about how easy we can make it to enabled voice functionality across all or some of your organization.

Please reach out to us via email, sales@speak2web.com, to request a demo or more details. We’re happy to answer questions and give honest answers without the pitch, hype, or drama associated with sales calls.