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With our powerful Voice Control and Navigation plugin you are able to create an unlimited number of voice-activated prompts. Each prompt can take visitors to any page on or off your domain, and give them a blurb while navigating them. Here we will showcase several unique examples of using this service to offer creative uses of voice. 

Click the mic and say any of these keywords

Keyword: Aria

Find out what our favorite person wants the most. 

Keyword: What happens?

Huh? What? Where?

Keyword: Vacation

Talk about a dream destination!

Keyword: Soccer Ball

Our original easter egg – revamped.

Keyword: Walter

Who is our Founder and CEO?

Keyword: Elementor

Our favorite page builder.

Keyword: Tacos

We know you love them.

Keyword: Random

You never know what you’re going to get!

Keyword: The Bravest

We totally spaced this one out.

Keyword: The Movies

What’s hot

Keyword: Education

You’re going to learn today!

Keyword: Last Place

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice Cold.

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