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Vocal interfaces bring benefits in public settings: reduced expenses for customer support, optimized interaction and increased satisfaction for customers, and improved efficiency for team members.
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Our company possesses the capability to develop customized voice services that are tailored to your specific requirements. We can utilize either on-site hardware or a connected API service, based on what best suits your needs.


Voice and conversational AI technologies have been rapidly advancing in recent years and offer businesses a unique opportunity to optimize their customer interactions. Whether it be through the use of smart speakers, kiosks, displays, drive-throughs, or retail and industrial platforms, the integration of voice and conversational AI can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and overall efficiency. By utilizing these technologies, businesses can create a more personalized and streamlined experience for customers, increasing the likelihood of customer engagement and retention. Additionally, the data collected from these interactions can provide valuable insights for businesses to better understand the needs and preferences of their customer base. As the field of voice and conversational AI continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly clear that businesses who fail to adapt may be left behind in today’s increasingly competitive market.


Recent research has shown that the incorporation of conversational AI and voice technologies into interactive displays can have a significant impact on both employee performance and customer service functions. By allowing for a more intuitive and natural interaction, these technologies can improve employee engagement and productivity, as well as reduce costs associated with customer support. Additionally, the integration of voice with interactive displays within a business setting can provide a more seamless and personalized experience for customers, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Through the implementation of these technologies, businesses can optimize their operations and enhance overall performance.


Research has shown that integrating voice and conversational AI technologies into your operations can provide significant benefits. These benefits include increased operational efficiency, improved customer experience, and enhanced customer loyalty. By leveraging these technologies, businesses have the ability to automate routine tasks, streamline operations, and provide a more personalized customer experience. This, in turn, can lead to increased revenue, as satisfied customers are more likely to return and recommend your business to others. Furthermore, adopting these technologies can help businesses stay competitive in an increasingly digitized environment. As such, investing in voice and conversational AI can yield meaningful benefits for businesses, thereby further driving growth and success.


Implement Voice Across
These Hardware Devices and More

Passionate about creating products that enhance the human experience.


Deploy a smart speaker in the office, retail, or industrial settings to help people stay heads up.


Use voice in your drive-through to optimize speed and accuracy of customer order taking.


Voice creates a faster and cleaner way for people to interact with public displays.


Voice creates interactive central displays that can integrate with personal devices.


Optimize user experience and immersion for gaming and workplace applications.


Add voice UI to consumer electronics to deliver new user friendly controls.


Help drivers remain heads up and focused on the road while offering extended features and tools.


Deliver voice services to near-limitless numbers of concurrent users anywhere on your network.

Creating Products that Enhance the Human Experience.

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Asked Questions.

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Local or online API services?

Our team possesses the expertise required to assist you in deploying voice technologies and conversational AI services. These advanced capabilities can be executed proficiently on local hardware systems of all specifications by our skilled professionals. Additionally, we can develop an Application Programming Interface (API) service that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing devices and applications, enabling easy access to voice functionality when required.

Do I need my own hardware?

According to our research and analysis, the incorporation of voice and conversational artificial intelligence services could significantly enhance the performance of your current hardware platform. Alternatively, our experts can assist you throughout the entire hardware development process, from design to building to purchasing power extension, if necessary. We encourage you to reach out to us to explore possible avenues for optimizing your technological infrastructure.

How long will this take?

Based on the complexity of your requirements and the amount of research and development involved in building your voice user interface and hardware, this undertaking could extend from several months to years. The duration of this process could be influenced by several factors, including the scope of the functionality you expect from the system, the volume of data that needs to be processed and analyzed, and the complexity of programming needed to implement different functions. Hence, it is essential to consider all the aspects and potential challenges of developing a voice user interface and hardware to ensure seamless performance and optimal user experience.

How credible is speak2web?

Our technology and business model have been receiving recognition from major analysts, placing us in direct alignment with the big five tech companies. With a large number of active users and increasing media and analyst mentions, our proven commodity status has been established.

Do you use open source or closed source technology?

Our company ensures the construction of every project based on precise specifications. This entails the implementation of our in-house artificial intelligence (AI) services, as well as technologies from open and closed-source vendors. In specific cases, we may require the assistance of external technologies to facilitate the accomplishment of your intended objective. As such, we opt to employ services provided by industry leaders, such as IBM's Watson, or Nvidia's NEMO and REVA applications. This approach allows us to leverage the cutting-edge advancements in these technologies and integrate them effectively with our in-house solutions, resulting in the finest possible outcome for each customer's project.

What is your contracting model?

We offer professional services and hardware work on a time and materials basis. Our team will work closely with you to understand the specifications of your project before proposing a project plan that includes a dedicated team of engineers and initial materials costs. As with any project, we continuously assess progress and may adjust the project scope by adding or removing materials and engineering resources. Our development methodology follows agile principles and utilizes sprint cycles. We provide regular bi-weekly progress reports to keep you informed and up-to-date with the status of your project. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work and exceeding our clients' expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or to discuss your project needs.