What do I need to know about AI?

Nothing. Speak2Web has the expertise to integrate the AI for you. Our team will sit with you and capture your deep understanding of your business and your customer.

How can I differentiate my business?

The AI is like a virtual employee. It is capable of interacting with your customer on your behalf. The training you provide to the AI makes your business special. We can help to capture the unique strength of your business and help train the AI to reflect those values and experiences, and to make your business special.

Do I need to change my Web Page?

No. Our solution will be integrated into your existing platform.

Do I need to setup a server for this?

No. Our solution can be hosted on your behalf. The solution has three main components: the plugin into your web page and mobile App, the customized voice assistant intelligence, and the AI. The web and mobile app plugin will reside in your existing infrastructure, the VA intelligence can be hosted or be deployed on your servers, the AI itself is provided by a vendor of your choice such as Google, IBM Watson, Amazon or others.