Learn how Simon AI saves time, reduces costs, and improves customer experiences to help you sell more on your eCommerce portal

How people search your website is the most important element of your eCommerce portal. It determines whether they’ll discover what they intend to buy. Voice search has become something people love to use via the digital assistant built into their smart devices and with Alexa on Amazon. 

Voice search is the absolute perfect mobile optimization tool. Simon AI combines best of breed solutions for voice recognition and matching the intent to results. Our deployments in some of the most demanding eCommerce environments are award winning.

We’re bringing world-class voice and AI to all websites in cost effective models. Learn how we can directly integrate with your site for the most advanced models or quickly plugin to your WordPress published site and have the core of the AI operational in production within an hour.

Our assessment can help you determine how to envision voice for your website.

Discover why industry thought leaders trust speak2web for Voice and AI integrations for their online shopping portals