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The Starter Tier subscription offers an affordable solution for most websites on the path to enabling voice services and interactivity. This package offers a 30-day free trial so you can test and optimize the dialog responses we’ve included in the plugin.

After thirty days your subscription will start. Before then, or at any time, you can opt-in to any other tier, to pay as you go, or add pay as you go for any use above your subscription level. PAYGO rates for overages reduce to the average cost per dialog matching your subscription plan. For this plan that is 12 cents – a savings of 3 cents over the standalone PAYGO usage fee.

After you’ve explored the plugin and had a chance to see how it works for you, we’d love to hear your feedback. You may have feature requests or want to make more advanced customization. We offer full service and can meet the most demanding of needs – even creating artificially intelligent chat bots that help with orders, support, appointment setting, and more. Truly the only limit is the boundaries of imagination!

If you’d like to learn more or need immediate support please call 612-324-7771