Can I use voice and AI in my enterprise applications?

Discover how you can dig deeper and get to results faster when you utilize voice dialog and navigation

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What is Simon AI and how does it improve data research for enterprise applications and businesses?

Simon AI is a context aware natural language processing virtual assistant that can be implemented into any application, website, or portal via API’s. Companies in medical research, economics, legal, compliance, and manufacturing will realize a rapid ROI with our solution and services as they’ll see their research users getting to results they intend to find faster. Query methods such as voice have existed for some time now. What we’re doing differently is enabling features that empower users through conversational dialogs that help them refine their search within context of the knowledge graph built by our AI and your applications.

It’s not enough to simply state I’m looking for “X” as a researcher. It’s often a good starting point but we all need to dig in deeper and refine results. Utilizing contextually aware artificial intelligence connected to the world’s largest reference data repositories in addition to your disparate sources will add a layer of functionality, and ease, that your users will appreciate and grasp onto immediately. When Simon responds back to them and says, “great you’re looking for “X” what should I leave out,” they’ll instantly form a deeper appreciation for the tool you’ve handed them. Fully functional dialogs will be much more dynamic in offering suggestions based on your knowledge graph.

Medical & Devices

Simon AI is contextually aware in multiple languages. Enable your users to utilize the knowledge of the entire world to make decisions and create better solutions.

Financial Services

The bigger picture & the granular details are never obvious or apparent. Simon AI will help you to foresee events and eliminate your risks & losses.

Legal & Compliance

Intricacies in the details across statutes and case law can make or break a case or investigation. Simon AI is here to help uncover the information you need to know.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world around us. Voice is the future of user interface and customer experience optimization. Companies who engage with speak2web feel confident knowing we’re led by an industry veteran who was pivotal in the creation of AI technologies that are powering today’s smart grid solutions. We bring forth the mindset, culture, and legacy needed by the most discerning organizations from a vendor.

Organizations looking for a partner in AI that is consistent, experienced, and delivers an unbiased solution have found their home with speak2web. We will work with you to develop a solution that supports all your applications and data resources and help build out the voice dialog’s that empower your users to work more efficiently. We deliver on the promise of a rapid return on investment. To help you make the most educated decision we offer a proof of concept program to build out a fully functional program solution before you make a significant investment in a long term solution. 

With our in house expertise and relationships with companies like Amazon, Google, and IBM we’re able to deliver a superior solution that is cost effective, reliable, and helps you to improve key performance metrics with your customers and employees alike. The team at speak2web has also crafted a solution that delivers the core functions of our Voice UI and Artificial Intelligence platform to websites running on popular CMS platforms like WordPress. This easy to use plugin service delivers a do it yourself and extremely affordable solution that can be applied to the enterprise or a website that only sees dozens of page views per month. Our mission and vision is to bring voice to all of the web – and our team has delivered on that promise.

Voice is a significant element no company should overlook. The analysts and media have been alerting and warning businesses to adopt the technology now or begin to face further abandonment rates from customers. People use voice everywhere – phones, cars, appliances, televisions, accessories, and more – and they’re beginning to expect it to be literally everywhere – including your website. Contact us at to get more information about our solutions for your web or app platform. We can also help you to create your own custom smart speaker.


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