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Custom Devices for Voice Assistance

With our cloud, local, and on-premise offerings speak2web can help you deploy voice to almost any point where customers come into contact with your business. Agents can be purpose-built to handle specific functions or offer the vast set of abilities our enterprise solutions deliver. Deployments are available for:

Retail & Big Box

A wide variety of device types can be deployed to your retail storefronts. These tablets, speakers, kiosks, and intelligent self-checkout machines will help further your goals towards a completely touch-free experience for shoppers.

The experience can even be extended to customers’ own smartphones creating personal in-store shoppers. 

Industrial Voice

Place smart speakers in places where your employees need to remain heads up, safe, and focused. These assistants can help improve employee satisfaction and safety. Our implementation will help people have real time access to information and operations they command through the simplicity of voice.


Help people using your facilities get to results, get answers, and control their environment with a voice solution that is integrated with your services.

Other use cases

Voice is a young and budding business. As a trusted business partner, speak2web is in a strong position to help you make experiences more immersive and ambient.

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What do I need to know about voice

A hospital could deploy a smart speaker network to patient rooms. This service could be used for medical, patient services, and entertainment purposes. For example patients could request their meals through voice rather than interupting kitchen staff with phone calls.

In an industrial setting, safety standards are of the utmost importance. Voice enabled services in this setting helps employees to stay focused when they have need information. 

Let’s imagine a customer is being navigated to a product that is known to be on the top shelf. The assistant can alert an employee to meet them there.

Placing voice in front of specific products helps reduce the need for product demonstrations. Customers can get in depth answers from product documentation, place orders, and more.

A voice enabled self-checkout machine helps retailers to automate more while offering familiar comforts of interacting with a person.

Visual recognition added in would create an experience far improved over price checking stations. Customers could show the product to the terminal and begin to ask questions about it.

Help customers navigate to products in store. 

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Voice Shopping in ten minutes:

Voice can help your business to increase sales, reduce customer service costs, and gain a real world competitive advantage from both the service and analytics.

Our plugin seriously is installed and configured in less than ten minutes!

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Click the microphone on the right to open the Simon Voice Bot. You can ask questions about our business or fun stuff like going on a vacation and how you’d just like to buy a soccer ball. 

Give it a shot then contact us to learn how we can personalize a voice assistant for your website.

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