Customer Experience

IT, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Executives are challenged with providing a seamless experience while reducing costs. A self-service agent from speak2web provides the tools to help all of them keep up with increasing customer demands.

We create simple and powerful single point of contact agents your customers will want to use and help your organization achieve significant boosts to satisfaction rates.

The best results for any customer question

Go beyond the chatbot and FAQ’s and give customers the answers and results they want – at the command of their voice. Integrations with any API endpoint and even unstructured data are available to certify Simon as the most advanced AI voice assistant for websites.

Our most simplified tool is pre-trained with skills needed by over 90% of business websites. Our plugin is also affordable for any size web marketing/technology budget but can scale for enterprises needing more users and custom capabilities. 

We are the only partner that can deliver a voice first assistant platform to your website that is securely integrated with your underlying architecture and offers you 100% full control of your data.

End-to-end AI

Drive productivity for both your customers and employees with a privacy compliant platform that delivers insights to everyone.

Faster Time-to-Value

Because voice is an interface people will want to use and we offer far more functionality than any chat bot we can help turn visitors into revenue and savings.

Proven and Trusted

speak2web voice solutions are used in every industry by companies ranging from multi-billion dollar eCommerce giants through SMB’s

By the end of 2020

0 %
of companies will be using virtual assistant technology
0 %
of B2C first point of contact will be handled by a virtual assistant

Would you rather this experience be on a chat bot or via voice which people are already using on every device they own?

You cannot retain customers who have had a bad experience

62% will switch to a competitor after one to two poor events

resolve far more service and support calls - faster

Nationally only 50% of requests get resolution. Increase your statistics.

Improve the time your live-people spend searching

In a six minute service call 75% of that time is spent by agent look up. Give customers and agents instant access.

Simon ai can be ready for real world use rapidly

Our robust solution offers not only engaging experiences but can be easily integrated into your systems for fast, cost-efficient, deployment

Simon from speak2web can be integrated into existing customer care workflows. This allows the agent and live person to interact seamlessly with visitors who are seeking help on your website. Your customers will be able to get answers much faster than any chat bot or inquiry alone can provide.