why your business needs

Conversational AI

You’ve probably heard that your business needs a chat bot. We know that what you actually need is a virtual agent that people can talk to that helps them get to results – faster. 

Simon AI is more than a bot and is effective at delivering visitors to intended results on any website or budget.

  • Voice is an optimized user interface on all devices
  • Simon understands everyday and complex language
  • Business logic processes to deliver people to results
  • No complex AI training or chat bot tree building
  • Incorporate dialog responses to engage visitors
  • Cognitive search and page interaction features
Get started with voice and conversational AI on your website with our plugins for WordPress websites or Professional Services for HTML.

Delivering your visitors to the results they want

Let people visiting your site tell you what they want from your business. 

Simon AI knows everything on your site and can be enhanced with other integrations for advanced look up

Capture transcriptions to feed your analytics applications with real-time sentiment

Voice Interface

More natural interaction for people than menu’s, drop downs, & filters. 

Simon AI doesn’t force preset conversation paths like chat bots.


Maintaining an accessible website is mandatory under the ADA.

Simon AI is the on ramp towards an open website for everyone .

Dialog Interaction

Would you like to say something to a visitor when they ask about a topic?

Simon AI can engage visitors in immersive contextual dialog.

Search & Control

Do you have a massive repository of information and assets online?

Simon AI uses cognitive intelligence to search and control a website.

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A voice solution for any size business

Prices start at free

Our largest customer is a multi-billion dollar international eCommerce website with diverse and complex product names. We even built them custom smart speakers that use Simon AI for a variety of sales, service, and support tasks.

Our “smallest” customers include a dog trainer, a trailer store, a book shop, and many more. 

Entry Level Voice Solutions with Simon AI

Not every business needs a voice assistant but every business is required to be ADA compliant on the WEB. Voice services like these get you there.

Voice Search

$ 100
Starting Price

Our cognitive voice search plugin enables your visitors to state what they’d like to find. Our cognitive engine understands even the most complex language and delivers optimized results.

Voice Forms

$ 30
Starting price

Going a step above just offering voice search you can let your visitors control page elements like forms and surveys with voice inputs. Voice forms includes voice search features at no addition cost to your business.

The next level plugin featuring Simon AI

Offering all the features of voice search as well as voice controls and forms for your website – the voice assistant plugin takes things further with functionality besting best chat bots and rivaling what you’ve seen in Sci-Fi.

Voice Assistant for WordPress Websites

Our Voice Dialog Navigation plugin enables you to create a fully functional voice assistant on your website in as little as ten minutes.

starting plan

$ 500
per month

Purpose built for small business and includes a 30 day free trial to get started


Voice Assistant with Dialog
Conversational AI
Cognitive Search
Website & Form Control
200 monthly users

Customization Abilities

If the voice assistant does not include a feature in the out of the box experience that you're looking for simply contact us to get it added in.

White label services for custom branding the look, feel, and sound.


Advanced plan

$ 1000
per month

Built for any size business to get started with a 30 day free trial included

monthly reporting

Voice Assistant with Dialog
Conversational AI
Cognitive Search
Website & Form Control
500 monthly users

Advanced customization

Integrate Simon AI to your applications for improved performance, tracking, analytics and services to users.

We can also create cognitive dialog focused on a task.

The most advanced AI services

We are an AI company at heart and can help you with any AI related project. Voice is at our forefront – but we can help you with other development and hardware related projects. 

For The Enterprise

lower cost of ownership

Rather than having to rely on heavy lifting from your IT department or hiring a team of AI, language, and other experts -
speak2web does it all for you at a fraction of the cost

The professional services team at speak2web has built some of the most advanced, and highly integrated, Conversational AI solutions across enterprise environments. 

We’ll help you find and maintain competitive advantages and cost-savings across your business with our Simon AI powered solutions.

big enough to serve you, small enough to know you

If your business is exploring voice or AI technology there is simply no one better you can turn to for help in your project.