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A powerful voice assistant solution for business websites with high traffic.

Get 2,000 uses per month for only $200 - that's 33% off our pay per use rate.

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You’re in business and want to maximize the value of every visitor to your website

Stop losing customers and prospects

Make your website easier to navigate

Ensure your message is being heard

Learn what your customers want to know

Simon AI and our Voice Assistant plugin for WordPress allows users to interface with your website in a way no other solution can. People will no longer be forced to read your story because they can tell it what they want to know and hear the results as they’re taken to the page most relevant to them. 

You’ll see the results and transcriptions in your analytics.

This subscription allows for up to 2,000 calls per month.

speak2web is an exciting tool I love to use on my website because it helps my customers shop faster and smarter!

My company sells graphics cards via our WordPress site. The Simon AI voice assistant solution has enabled my site to sell more cards faster. People visiting are able to say what they want to know or find and the assistant either takes them to relevant results or tells them the story of my business in ways that text alone never could. 

Setting up the assistant on my site was easy and intuitive. Anytime I had a support request I always felt like a valued customer and my needs were addressed rapidly. What I love the most is that the plugin is frequently updated with new features and advancements that consistently improve the user experience. 

James Walsh
President & CEO

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Professional Services Engagements - For the most exhaustive AI and voice applications

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Advanced Dialog for WordPress - Add conversational dialog

Site wide voice data is available with a WordPress Dialog Add-On or Simon AI install

Coming in late 2019:

Simon's Voice Market - a consumer facing app on smart devices that pulls speak2web small business customers into one "voice market." Hyper local features will enable businesses to attract nearby people. Conversational AI will help them sell more online. More features announced at launch.