Accessibility Compliance

Voice technology is a marvel in engineering that helps companies to gain ground rapidly on ADA Website Accessibility Compliance

Every year thousands of businesses are the target of accessibility lawsuits... costing millions of dollars

Business websites are an easy target for lawsuits. Thousands of ADA Website complaints and cases are filed every year – costing defendants millions of dollars. The number of lawsuits tripled in 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down.

No company or content creator is getting a pass either. These cases span celebrity fan sites, streaming video services, eCommerce sites, local businesses, and even blogs. 

We know that our voice technologies can help you to rapidly evolve your website into compliance. You’ll also deliver an exceptional suite of additional benefits and feature enhancements to every user. 

Voice is something that almost everyone can use. In the cases where they can’t our solutions also work with text entry. Our virtual assistants and cognitive search AI solutions create an enabling environment on any digital domain. We can help you to build assistant agents for:

How we help you satisfy accessibility requirements

Voice User interface

Your website visitors can now speak to your website to search, control, get answers, place orders, & more.

Conversational AI

Your website can be configured to engage people in spoken conversations to help them.

Deep Integration

Connecting your ERP, CRM, and knowledge base helps the voice assistant to know more.

Other features

Deliver a full suite of W3C Accessibility Standards with speak2web's platform.

Happy Visitors and Improved Operational Costs

Whether it’s as simple as implementing our cognitive voice search solution or in delivering a 24/7 virtual agent to your website your visitors will be significantly more satisfied with the user and customer experience. 

Customers will be able to shop smarter and faster with personal shopping assistants that are aware of inventory, filters, shipping, taxes, and product information.

Virtual agents can be used for support and service questions that help reduce the time your live agents spend answering frequently asked and easy to resolve requests. 

Our virtual agents don’t come with the expensive repetitive costs of constantly hiring new staff that needs to be trained as well.

Voice Assistant for WordPress

Get a functional voice assistant on your WordPress website in under ten minutes. Add capabilities, features, and integrations as needed with our professional services team.

Plans range from $25 per month to Enterprise service agreements with flexible options for professional services and maintenance.

We also offer a standalone voice search plugin for only $10 per month.

basic plan

$ 50
per month

Our basic subscription allows 200 visitors per month to use the voice assistant on your website.

lowest cost of ownership
30 Day Free Trial
Google Analytics Integration


starter plan

$ 100
per month

Our starter subscription allows 500 visitors per month to use the voice assistant on your website.

5% savings per user versus $25 plan
30 day free trial
google analytics integration

speak2web voice tech for websites not on WordPress

Our WordPress plugins make it easy for website admins to quickly and cost effectively deploy our voice tech and AI solutions. We can help companies publishing on other CMS platforms or who use static websites. 

Contact us for more information.

See an example

Our conversational AI platform can deliver powerful shopping and customer service experiences that help your company increase revenue and reduce support costs. See how shoppers can use Simon on your website in this example eCommerce dialog.