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Walter Angerer



Jason Croyle

Director, Research & Partnerships


Lan Nguyen-Bothwell

Director, Operations


Jonathan Hatfield

Director, Engineering


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Director, Business Development


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Director, IT

Awards & Recognition

speak2web is recognized as a leader in the space of voice recognition and artificial intelligence

Desipte our youth as an organization, we're amassing awards from prestigious publications. Our current showcase features our most recent award from CIO Applications as a top ten voice recognition solution. In the coming months you'll see further awards that we can announce as soon as the publications are distributed. We are excited to share our success and recognition and hope you see this as an indicator of what we can do for you in helping you

It's never lonely at the top with conversational AI beside you

Voice recognition is a huge priority for many companies in 2019. CIO Applications has analyzed and reviewed the best of the best out there from hundreds of competitors. speak2web is honored to be among their choices for best of breed solutions. Our conversational AI and plugin for WordPress helped us stand out. Let us help you get a leg up on your competition.