Voice assistants are how people are beginning to prefer how they use their devices and apps. We’ve seen it’s use prolifically grow from smart phones to TV’s, appliances, watches, and even in our board games. Voice search has already outpaced typing. It’s time for your business to have it’s own voice on the web.

At speak2web we can help you bring a Conversational Voice Assistant experience to your website or app. Our award winning AI will engage customers in dialog mimicking a real person. We’ll work with you to help move customers through the funnel, support channels, or other processes smarter and faster.

There’s no need for additional IT staff or training in your organization. We take your requirements then build the voice assistant we fully support with dedicated support and maintenance. Your white label solution will be rapidly deployed and your customers will love the experience. You’ll gain differentiation while gripping on to a significant competitive advantage.


Request a free voice consultation to learn how you can adopt voice into your digital strategy and optimize your customer journey – resulting in higher conversion rates and revenue growth.



Our REST API solution can easily integrate into your website, app, and other systems such as inventory, reservations, listings, and even into unstructured data sources to deliver the most immersive customer experience.

Over 33% of US businesses publish their website on WordPress. Our plugin adds our voice assistant services to their website in less than an hour. It's an affordable way to add voice with subscriptions as low as $25/mo.

Similar to API Integrations we can develop custom solutions to help people get their jobs done smarter and faster by using their own words. Our custom smart speakers also work when screens don't.

We're working on specialty solutions for the small and local only business community to help them adopt voice and remain competitive. Simon's Market, coming 2020, will help you win & retain more customers.

Simon AI compatibility

We’ve rigorously tested our voice solution to ensure it works on every modern device, browser, and platform. No other voice solution or plugin can make this same claim.

If you encounter a browser or device we don’t work on – let us know and we’ll have it fixed within a week.


Example eCommerce Dialog

We've programmed a business logic powered dialog into our website where you can ask for a soccer ball and Simon will walk you a process and make the right purchasing decision.

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Our Story

Our Story

speak2web was founded in 2018 in an effort to bring voice recognition technologies that made a difference to the web. We believe that voice assistants are the revolutionary next step in user experience optimization and immersion on the web. Our research and development has paid off as we have been awarded by several notable outlets for our thought leadership and innovation.

In our founding months we were embraced by billion dollar eCommerce websites. But we want voice to belong to every business via accessible and affordable methods. This is why we also brought to market our plugin services for popular apps and platforms like WordPress. These solutions deliver the core experience of our Simon AI conversational voice assistant platform in a reasonably priced subscription model.

Our Mission

To enhance immersive customer experience and user interfaces with conversational AI and virtual voice assistants people love to use.