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Personalized Engagement
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Imagine a world where your website visitors can simply say what they want.

We build voice assistants for websites that integrate with your marketing technology stack to create a user centered service where our AI knows who it's talking to, how they've already engaged with your business, and how to create dialog that converts visitors.

Our plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce include the core features of Simon AI and help you get started in less than ten minutes.

Real Intelligence
Real Customers

Intelligent Dialog

Simon AI will know who it is speaking to when integrated with applications like CRM & Marketing Automation. Because Simon AI can see their historical logs, score, persona, and other data it will optimize its dialog to share new information and guide the visitor towards conversion.

Ethical Customer Data Collection

Unlike smart speakers and phones, we are not always listening. Customers must double opt-in to activate the microphone. We do not collect any audio recordings or listen in to user interactions with Simon AI.

An Inside View of Customer Intent

We do provide our clients with transcripts of interactions between visitors and Simon AI. These can be delivered directly to contact event records and to general analytics pools. Data parsing is available to automate lead management in CRM and splicing of intent, entity, and sentiment data for analysts.

Customer Expectations Are Higher Than Ever Before

People want to spend as little time as possible while gaining the most insight. 

Simon AI helps by responding to customer intent with summarized dialog and direct navigation to the most relevant content.

This optimal path to conversion bypasses the need to invest significant amounts of time, money, and resources into traditional conversion rate optimization because you’ll no longer have to rely on identifying small changes that produce incremental results.

We can also detect when users are experiencing friction and anxiety on screen. The voice assistant will speak up and offer help to visitors – keeping them engaged, interested, and asking questions.


Double Digit Growth In

New Customers

Average Order Size

Qualified Leads

Event Registration


66% Reduction in Live Human Intervention with 99% Reduction of FAQ’s to Live Agents

75% of inquiries answered on the first interaction


Speak directly to the intent and sentiment of your customers and visitors

Mimic the intelligence of your best representatives

Deliver accessibility services


Voice Statistics:

Over 50% of search is done via voice but 100% of that ends at the search engine

People spend $150+ billion shopping via voice

Proven Provider

Markets and Markets Voice Recognition Analyst Report

Working With Us

Learn why over 300 customers rely on speak2web’s Simon AI and voice tech solutions to improve customer experience and user interface on their websites. We’ve made it easy with plugins for popular CMS platforms and custom built no-code solutions. You can have a voice assistant on your website in less than ten minutes. Our professional services teams can work with you to optimize dialog, perform systems integrations, and add in additional services to the assistant until it becomes a flywheel for marketing , sales, service, and support for your organization.

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Core Benefits, Features, and Plugins

Voice Dialog & Navigation

Assistant for Any Website

An easy to use virtual assistant for your website that can answer dozens of questions from your visitors. Unlike chatbots the assistant will also navigate the visitor to the most relevant page on your website while it is speaking your branded messaging on specific topics. Pricing starts at only $25 USD per month.
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Universal Voice Search

Intent Based Results

With support for over 130 languages you visitors can efficiently just say what information they are looking for and be taken directly to the most relevant results. Pricing starts at only $10 USD per month!
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Voice Shopping

Ambient Shopping

People are already spending billions of dollars shopping on smart speakers – where they CANNOT see what they are buying. Help them get from product search through checkout faster than ever with this innovative new plugin. Pricing starts at only $50 USD per month.
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Voice Forms & Surveys

Fast Accurate Data Entry

Let people fill form fields with speech to text data entry. This allows you to get more personalized information from surveys. Speed up the time to data entry for applications that require significant amounts of information without massive development costs. Pricing starts at only $15 USD per month!
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Recognition & Awards

Voice in Under Ten Minutes

Speak2web, a member of the Open Voice Network at the Linux Foundation, is the most awarded and recognized independent voice recognition solutions provider. Our technology has earned a higher ranking than the voice assistants people use every day on their smartphones and speakers. See how we are leading transformational innovation.
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Custom Voice Solutions

Speakers, Apps, Web, & more

If your business is not on WordPress or WooCommerce we can still build Voice Recognition solutions for your website, app, or connected devices. We can even build custom smart speakers and devices. Connect to our architecture, consulting, and executive team to learn more.
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