People love to use voice assistants

speak2web helps our clients embrace everything voice and artificial intelligence can bring to the user experience. The common misconception is that voice is only for search or commanding an application to perform an action. Our vision is more in line with the dreams of future technologies that science fiction gave us. We’ve purpose built an artificial intelligence that is capable of engaging people in conversational dialog. When users speak, Simon AI not only listens but also will engage the user in conversation to help them get to results – faster. Our solution can be implemented by us, or via a self-service model, based upon your website or app.

The need to adopt voice will become ever more important for business owners in every industry as adoption rates for voice are growing rapidly. It’s no longer just the big eCommerce websites that retailers need to worry about. The big analysts are warning all business owners to adopt voice or face extinction. Every marketer and business owner with a forward looking vision for the web will be adopting virtual voice assistants to ensure their customer experience is beyond reproach.. 


speak2web is the only solution provider delivering conversational AI to the web

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Our Voice Assistant Solutions


Our origins come from helping billion dollar eCommerce stores create personal digital shopping assistants. Our solution will help your customers get what they intend to buy faster, and increase your sales.


Over 1.1 million US businesses publish their website on WordPress. Our plugin enables all of them to add voice dialog and navigation services to their website in less than an hour. It's also our most affordable way to start.

customer support

We can help you integrate voice into your existing website or applications. We've even helped make custom smart speakers for clients who wanted their own branded devices. Nothing is impossible.


A specialty app built for small to medium business who want to have a presence on the app store and offer a very robust voice dialog solution to people who have the consumer app. Contact us for information.

Hear & talk to more customers

Our voice assistant solution enables people to use their own words to discover content  and products on your website. Because we utilize the conversational AI in our direct integrations we’re able to deliver visitors an exceptional user experience where even their most difficult questions can be answered with the most up to date information. 

Drive experiences like personal shopping assistants, virtual tech/customer support agents, and more 24/7 on your website using an interface people actually like and want to use. 

Example eCommerce Dialog

Our Simon AI voice assistant will walk your customers through conversational dialog to help them get to what they intend to buy - faster. This is faster and more user friendly than advanced search, check boxes and filters. Customers will love the user experience and your business will become vastly more competitive.

Our Story

Our Story

speak2web was founded in 2018 in an effort to bring voice recognition technologies that made a difference to the web. We believe that voice assistants are the revolutionary next step in user experience optimization and immersion on the web. Our research and development has paid off as we have been awarded by several notable outlets for our thought leadership and innovation.

In our founding months we were embraced by billion dollar eCommerce websites. But we want voice to belong to every business via accessible and affordable methods. This is why we also brought to market our plugin services for popular apps and platforms like WordPress. These solutions deliver the core experience of our Simon AI conversational voice assistant platform in a reasonably priced subscription model.

Our Mission

To enhance immersive customer experience and user interfaces with conversational AI and virtual voice assistants people love to use.