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People love voice tech on their phones and other devices. We've brought it to the web to help businesses optimize eCommerce, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce support costs.

Optimize user experience with these Voice tools

Website Voice Search

Optimizing Results

Let your visitors say what they're looking for. Our natural language understanding and cognitive AI servers will deliver them to optimized results - regardless of the complexity of the request.

Speech to Text

Voice for Text Entry

Autofill was an amazing invention - but it doesn't automate data entry for every form field. Let people speak their responses and Simon will enter the text for them. This is great for surveys, employment skills tests, and more.

Virtual Voice Assistant

Interactive 24/7 Agents

Deliver a bot to your visitors that they'll actually like to use. Simon AI virtual agents can work with voice or text and be integrated with your system stack for improvements to its dialog and agent capabilities.

Custom Smart Speakers

Secure, Private, Connected

Deploy custom smart speakers that are integrated with your services, experiences, and eCommerce. Great for industrial, healthcare, hospitality, and field applications. LAN, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Connected.

Website Controls

Optimized Accessibility

Let your visitors say what they want to happen on your website and Simon will open doors for them. Voice commands will improve the user experience for everyone, especially those with limited abilities.

Plugins for WordPress

Voice in Under Ten Minutes

Our plugins for WordPress enable your company to deploy voice tech services to your website in ten minutes or less. Prices start at $10 monthly and all services come with a free trial. It's the fastest easiest way to get started.

Deliver 24/7 service & support online

reduce your support & sales costs

Voice Assistants from speak2web can be integrated into systems and unstructured data sources. When customers or users ask questions Simon has all of this information at his disposal and will deliver exactly what they needed or intended to find.

Increase sales & customer satisfaction

Utilizing conversational dialog our integrated voice assistants can help people shop smarter and faster on your website or app. Our platform knows when there are opportunities to help people drill down results and will engage them in dialog to get them there.

Our Founder has an impressive history in AI, business technology, and growing start-ups.

AI Delployments

Walter wrote the AI powering on of today’s most widely used Smart Grid solutions.

Tech Toolbox

With vast experience across a variety of industries, Walter knows what is important to businesses.

Venture Leadership

Walter has led several startups to explosive growth. speak2web is his privately funded venture.


Walter believes in having strong partnerships with clients, affiliates, and technology partners.

Happy customers

Customers large and small across diverse industries are adopting our voice tech. Request an NDA to see how our enterprise clients are using our AI technologies. Or see the voice how these clients use our WordPress plugins. 

Excited Analysts

speak2web has won numerous awards from prestigious publications like CIO Applications for our state of the art voice and AI technologies. Analysts like Markets and Markets position us as the leading innovator of voice tech.

The ultimate artificial intelligence solution for 24/7 business

Cognitive Search
Conversational Dialog
Natural Language Understanding

How do systems integrations help improve performance?

Our voice assistant technology can integrate with your ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Knowledge Base, and other applications. Connections to these systems deliver advanced intelligence to Simon in helping him resolve questions and help customers get to results. These integrations can prove beneficial to virtual agents for sales, support, and customer service on your website. 

What is Conversational Dialog? How does it improve the user experience?

With technologies like chat bots you see that people are able to follow a pre-defined conversational tree. At speak2web we’ve moved beyond this basic technology that’s no better than an IVR system. Simon has been trained to know when it can ask questions to help people drill down to the best results. Simon will engage people via voice to help them filter results or take next steps in a process. 

How is Cognitive Search relevant to my business?

The basic search engines deployed to almost every website today try to match on a keyword alone. Cognitive search enables the search box to become not only voice activated but also to intelligently deliver optimized search results based on the context of the question your visitor asked. 

What is Natural Language Understanding and Conversational AI?

Simon’s Natural Language Understanding is a cloud native product that uses deep learning to extract metadata from text such as entities, keywords, categories, sentiment, emotion, relations, and syntax. This graph of relationships is the closest your business can get to offering a 24/7 agent with near perfect awareness of your offerings and support services.

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We admire all of our customers. We believe voice is the future of user interface on the web. We’re more than happy to talk to you about how our tech works and how you can use it on your website. 

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