Simon AI is the Voice Assistant Purpose Built for Conversations

speak2web has brought the voice assistant solution to market that does what Alexa, Siri, and Google can’t – help people to control your website, app, or devices

  • Generate More Revenue

    Conversational AI engages users in dialog to help them get to what they intend to find and buy

  • Deliver Next Generation Self-Service & Support

    Letting people articulate what they need coupled with intelligent AI & system integrations gets them to results faster

  • Deliver Accessibility Services to Nearly Everyone

    Voice ramps up and opens the door for everyone to gain access to your website and app

  • Own the Technology, Data, & Analytics

    We believe in democratized AI and will deliver a solution you own, receive all the analytics from, and can build on for years to come

Our Founders History in AI Tech & Creating Sustainable Businesses is More Than Story

Walter Angerer led the development on the AI powering one of the worlds most used Smart Grid solutions. As an investor in the world of venture capital he’s also led many businesses to successful growth and long term viability. Walters promise to you is that speak2web is a brand you can trust to deliver quality voice solutions that meet a diverse set of operational and technical needs.

Analyst & Journalist Coverage of Simon AI Voice Assistant Solutions

Our strong product portfolio positions us as the leading innovator in this analyst quadrant.

We are the AI Solutions Provider of the Year and a Top Ten Voice Recognition Solution.

Learn what Eric Hal Schwartz of loves about our plugin for WordPress websites.


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Simon Voice Assistant and Conversational AI Powered Solutions from speak2web
WordPress Plugins
  • Fast & Easy Website Integration

    Installs and configures in ten minutes

  • Voice Search, Navigation, & Dialog

    Help people control your site while learning from what the assistant says back

  • Fill Forms & Surveys

    Let people fill long text entry forms with their voice and own words for more complete answers

  • Analytics & More

    We support every browser and device type which means you'll be able to learn from every user.

WEB, App, & API Integrations
  • 100% Conversational AI

    The most powerful technology in voice

  • Lightweight code & cloud installation

    Our voice assistant won't slow down your website or applications

  • Professional Support & Services

    Our white glove service helps you to get your voice assistant deployed rapidly & cost effectively

  • Own the Technology, Data, & Analytics

    Connect the voice assistant to any endpoint, even unstructured data, to improve service

Devices & More
  • Add voice to any connected device

    If it has a mic and connection we can add voice

  • Custom Product Design

    We can help you to add voice, that is more effective than Alexa or Google to your product

  • Enterprise Environments

    Deploy a voice assistant across your enterprise environment to help your users work smarter

  • Partnership Opportunities

    Designed for Webmasters, App Developers, Hosting Providers, Marketing Agencies, and Call Centers

Free Consultation on Voice Assistant Adoption - Learn Why & How - Now!
Website Accessibility Compliance With Voice & AI

Voice will open the doors to your business for millions more customers who've been locked out of your critical web services for far too long. Our conversational AI is the perfect solution because it engages users in dialog to help them navigate your site, understand what's on the screen, and control prompts on your pages.

Because of how we've democratized conversational AI we've made it affordable for any size business to take part in the voice revolution.

The Competitive Advantage & Leading Innovation

Voice doesn't just open up doors. It helps you to get a jump start on your competition. In 2019 alone a significant amount of the Fortune 500 began buying or building voice assistant solutions for their websites. Many of these companies actually plan on reselling the voice assistant to their competitors as an "industry standard" solution - but the dark secret is they'll own the analytics and the time you wait to get your data.

With speak2web we custom build each voice assistant for our individual clients. We are far more affordable than hiring a staff of Conversational AI, Natural Language Processing, and other experts. Plus, you own the analytics and can free access and use them when and however you want.

We never pass data through Amazon commerce or Google Advertising servers as well. Our solution is purpose built to protect your data and compliant worldwide with all data records management and privacy laws.