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A Pioneering Spirit of Innovation

Led by a Visionary in AI

Our Founder, Walter Angerer, has been widely recognized for his contributions to technology innovation. His accomplishments include building one of the first A.I.’s used in a power grid at Siemens, leading several start-ups to success, and he now splits his time between speak2web and as SVP Engineering at Veritas which is one of America’s 1,000 largest businesses. His credentials are of the finest standards. 

Walter Angerer

Our Founder wrote the AI that manages the world's most secure and performant smart grid solution. Combine this with leading multiple start-ups to commercial success and you have a winning combination.

Simon AI on the Bleeding Edge.

We can help your business to deploy voice assistance anywhere!

Websites – Interactive assistants & search integrated with CRM & BI.

Apps – Feature rich voice interactivity.

Devices – A custom voice experience ready to deploy anywhere.

Phone – Replace IVR with an intelligent virtual assistant.

Point of Sale – Deliver dynamic, on brand, check out experiences.

Displays & Kiosks – Interactive exhibits to engage your audience.


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Voice recognition and virtual assistant features are available as standalone products for voice search, voice data entry, virtual assistants, and shopping assistants. Our professional services team can help you to deploy more advanced versions of our artificial intelligence and voice technologies. Our mission is to create innovative voice recognition alternatives that are accessible to any size business. 

Learn more about us by opening up the microphone centered right on this page. 

Top use cases for Conversational AI and Voice Tech

Voice Assistance has an infinite number of use cases as it can be deployed almost anywhere people interact with technology. Our experts will help you realize any vision for voice in the real world.



Optimize discovery with intent-based search that helps people find what they want faster.

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Stand out as an innovator and help visitors discover what you can do with voice.

Call center

Service & Support

Interactive AI that can answer over 75% of customer questions within seconds.


Kiosks & Displays

Create interactive experiences anywhere that mix voice and display - on premise.

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Why speak2web? Why Voice for Websites?

Our embedded voice and assistance platform optimizes UI & CX exactly where 90% of your opportunity for conversation happens – your website. Analysts love it.

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